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The first theme in the Education Committee of the State Parliament on February 12, 2015 covered the growing need for school psychologists in Bavarian schools. Debated were social-emotional behavior disorders, bullying, including sexual, cyber-bullying, crisis intervention, teachers, health, trauma appraisal and processing in refugee children up to the 2nd generation… the time frame was not really enough for ​​the whole spectrum of this subject matter to explain…

Next topic on the agenda was the Twelve Tribes:

Bavarian Senate (Landtag)

The Twelve Tribes are not new [to Bavaria], why were not earlier decision already known in more detail? Perhaps a better information exchange between the provinces would help?

They talk about people who unfortunately are not personally known to the meeting participants. We sit on the benches and know what they are talking about.

Yes, we have been living in Germany since 1994. We were dealing with a number of government officials over the years. The authorities in the countries in which we lived before, were almost always well informed. We have never hidden that we teach our children at home. Because the issue compulsory education, we were scandalized also in Lower Saxony, Baden Württemberg, and not only in Bavaria. But we also have found people of understanding everywhere in the officials’ offices. People who know us  100_9406know that we are happy families with satisfied, healthy children.

Yes, even in Bavaria we first found those officials who knew us personally and who then even approved us a private supplementary school. This was actually a positive experience for both sides over seven years. Not a single one of these officials, not even a doctor, has ever seen abused children, no, not even our family members, friends, acquaintances or any of our countless guests.

Herrn Landrat im HauseTranslation

Dr._________, District Administration
to the County Chief, on the premises, Mr. Kanth, on the premises

Dear Mr. County Chief, dear Mr. Kanth,

On 24.05.2012 the public health department examined all 42 minors present in the Twelve Tribes community in Klosterzimmern.
Out of the 48 persons determined via the list of inhabitants of the town of Deiningen, 40 minors/children were examined, in addition to that 2 others (_______________ and ____________), students not on this list.

According to information from the speaker of the community 8 listed youth/children were not present in the community on the day of the examination, but were abroad or in a residential group in Berlin. When available the children’s identity was verified via official IDs; when not available in the case of smaller children, the original birth certificates were produced.

Result of examination:

All 42 children/youth medically examined did not show any skin alterations or injuries typical for abuse. There also weren’t any indicators for a psychological abuse of minors; the parent-child relationship in each case was intact in the framework of the examination.

The examination took place in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


Dr. _________

You also get under http://news.zwoelfstaemme.de/ thousands of pieces of information. One wonders where our SPD politicians actually live.

Except for two girls who have fled from the institutions, all children complete their compulsory schooling.

No one is surprised as to why they have fled. Does it surprise any that they like more to be with their parents…?

Why, indeed does no one ask what happens to the children here, since this most extreme measure was not supposed to hurt the child’s best interests? But what politicians have time to think about it, how these children are.1 The main thing is they meet the state’s compulsory education requirement!

“The children taken into care and now living in institutions and foster families go to different schools — [where] there are no known issues.

Funny that these allegedly abused children do not have school problems? Abuse of children is reflected, yes well-known, all the way down to poor school performance and problems in social behavior. Why the children of the Twelve Tribes of need of such care, despite the trauma psychologists knew would be inflicted by removal from their family by police violence and then to be scolded with the “curse” of “cult child”, in contrast to the “ordinary” students and teachers?

It has been so many years with no signs, with no evidence of child abuse found. We need to make it easier for other agencies to ensure that the better informed to know about the Twelve Tribes. One would intervene earlier and must do it more tactically.

Ten times a year assessments of school performance were conducted by a school psychologist at the Twelve Tribes. Shame on you in Parliament that you do not ask him into your court.

Der Spiegel School Kanth


[Caption] “Good Klosterzimmern near Deiningen: Here lives the religious community, the Twelve Tribes.

[Under caption] “The school of the community of faith, the Twelve Tribes in Bavaria, probably stands on the brink: The Original Christians have problems finding qualified teachers. Furthermore drop-outs…

[Text] “…Every four to six weeks employees of the Youth Office visit at the farm. We see there happy, well-behaved children who cling to their parents,” says Kanth. “We have no recourse to take them from their families.”

This is understood that the children were physically and psychologically in good health and had been living in intact families, with parents who are together and love each other and their children. (Just as the Pope also undoubtedly loves children.)

In December 2013 information was passed about the alleged child endangerment in all countries in which the tribal communities exist: USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Czech Republic.

Funny that there was a collective loss of custody only in Germany and, although the welfare of the children was, of course, immediately checked in other countries by the authorities. One wonders why the German authorities are the only ones in the world who found such a drastic impact on fundamental rights of families to be necessary?

Regular media reports provide information on the current situation so that everyone knows the state of affairs. Austrian authorities may also request this information. But we will still send a report to the Austrian authorities.

It is still spoken several times about the problems of data protection. The actual situation of children and their families does not interest them, obviously, as they rely on information from the press. Thus, they trample our privacy underfoot and worldwide publish false information about us and our children without shame.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen talk policy about many topics. They have information sheets and statistics on them all, but the reality is unfortunately very alienated from their lofty views. Too bad that none of the persons concerned gets involved in a personal conversation with us, and wants to know what the situation really looks like.

There is no end in sight. The process will go on in a very unhurried way, and the government officials can not speed up the courts.

But the bottom line is that the law works well in Bavaria, all agree…




  1. Not to mention politically dangerous to do such a courageous thing as actually stand up for the children and acknowledge that they must love their parents because their parents love them!
  2. Screenshot of http://www.spiegel.de/schulspiegel/zuechtigung-und-lehrermangel-schule-der-zwoelf-staemme-droht-aus-a-895160.html