We found this comment on the Internet and thought 
you would find it thought provoking. It concerns 
the acceptance by the courts of Bavaria of 
illegally obtained evidence in a criminal case. It 
calls a little spanking, which the judges can see 
on the illegal video, "grievously bodily harm." 

The comment, not written by us, then compares the 
sentence given a reckless driver who caused four 
deaths in one family (driving 200 km/hr) with the 
one given two mothers of the Twelve Tribes. It is a 
memorable comparison making as much sense as 
calling the little spanking grievous harm. The day 
of Isaiah 5:20, of calling good evil and evil good 
is already past in Germany. The days of 1984 have 

To be clear: One who kills four (mother, father, 
two children) driving recklessly receives a 10 
month jail sentence, but will only serve 10 months 
probation. Jail only if he violates probation. 

Same day two mothers who love their children and so 
discipline them – very mildly – receive 6 to 9 
months in jail or 36 months probation. Yes, you 
read correctly. So the "crimes" of the mothers 
weigh so much heavier in the judge's mind than the 
death of a family. This is remarkable.


Scales of Justice

By what evidence will guilt and innocence be judged in Germany now?

What do the two sentences have in common?

  • Bavarian Justice is honest and fair.”
  • On the moon grow apple trees.”

They are both lies. Two mothers of the faith “Twelve Tribes” have now been sentenced to probation in Nördlingen so-called district court. The only evidence against the two were video recordings — sensational gutter journalism — which were created in secret and fraudulently served.

The question of the right parenting sometimes splits society—at least up heated debates may arise. What is clear is that it requires certain rules, but should all previous experience be tipped overboard, merely because individual methods come to be regarded as out of date?


Classroom in Klosterzimmern.

About 50 years ago, some children in schools had not much fun; they were still physically punished by teachers. There were certainly tyrants among teachers, which took advantage of their position shamelessly. And such tyrants there still are until today, but they have to live differently now, and what they do, of course, is their evil fantasies.

On the other hand: When last did order and discipline prevail in German schools without constant brawls, shootings, extortion, violence, bullying and other excesses?1 50 years ago, for example? Did the rod and the fingers blows bring about an educational effect?

Tree pruning

Fruit trees being pruned.

Certainly. Added to this was that at that time the upbringing at home usually was not much less authoritarian and society was characterized and consisted mostly of polite, well-mannered people. Finally authoritarian does not necessarily brutal, violent or unloving, but almost always exactly the opposite. To educate children without any or much too broad targets limits resembles an apple tree that was never pruned. Both bring no useful fruit.

The “seeing and being seen” of society is for a good many people now much different and our society is now under their strict thumb . With the beginning of anti-authoritarian education, in particular through the pedophile eco-fascists,2 the articles, “Pedophilia the merciless social and societal decline began in our country. Crude manners, selfishness, ruthlessness, omnipresent violence and brutality incredibly shape not only the public, but the majority of schools nowadays.

The worse relationship or complete absence of education and a broken society is evident. The Green party lawmakers do not want to admit to this  anyway and has nonetheless ​years ago made all corporal punishment of children by their own parents punishable.

Court District Court-3If this law would actually see wide application and the courts would judge similarly hard as now in Nördlingen, probably half of parents living here would be criminal. Just why is this in reality not the case?

It’s simple: RTL does not have enough staff to sneak across Germany into all families, and to make illegal secret video recordings, as their reporter at the time all hang out in Dresden on demos. The legal situation was not yet finally resolved.

But now something could change soon. Judge Gerhard Schamannn has in this case now provided legal certainty: if only petty offenses were filmed  on the television monitor, such recordings may not be used in court. In both of these cases he even spoke of grievous bodily harm. He had to decide necessarily so, otherwise this video would be evidence that is what they truly are: illegal and not admissible in court.


Head of District Court Beyschlag (rear, second from right), Judge Schamann (right rear). Photo: Hummel.

With “grievous bodily harm” he meant the three baton blows of one of the two mothers on the buttocks of her child, who was recorded secretly and illegally under false pretenses and played to an audience of millions out of sheer greed of RTL “journalist” Wolfram Kuhnigk. Therefore criminal complaint was lodged against him, but the Augsburg public prosecutor has shot down this course. Crows don’t hack each other’s eyes out (not even CSU crows).

Colored Drone
The ruling by Judge Schamann now confirms this approach and thus opens the way that all families and households will continue to be secretly monitored via video and these recordings may be used if necessary to court. A change in the law is for now no longer necessary.

JudgeBeware therefore, please be sure before you touch your children, if you do not want to end up in court or even in prison. By the way, relatively cheaper if you get away with it, you do not kill [cause grievous bodily harm, at least!] your children with discipline, but with other road users. A motorist killed father, mother and two sons  in an accident and was “sentenced” on the same day as the two mothers of a Bavarian court:

The accused is sentenced to a term of imprisonment of ten months for manslaughter  and negligent injury [but only serving ten months probation]. His license is revoked for four months.

Klosterzimmern_12_Feb_14-9_nUnfortunately for the concerned mothers, but they are of course blame themselves what they need also to this ” sect “as the lies press dubs good at every opportunity belong – as if these two women not already been punished enough to withdraw their children for the past 16 months. About the children themselves, no one seems to think because they are housed, after all, in “care facilities,” as they say euphemistically.

Justice there is in this country no longer, at least not before the so-called courts. There is always the migrant or Celebrity bonus mitigating their acts and “sect bonus” is obviously applied the opposite way, making their acts more aggravating.

  1. As our children have experienced, too, by their own personal testimony.
  2.   While denying it publicly (normally called lying) the Green Party has a paper and money trail connecting it directly to so-called “pedophilia.” Amazing how positive sounding a terrible reality can be made to sound, isn’t it? About the Green Party, the “Der Spiegel” has this to say, “Shadows from the Past: Pedophile Links Haunt Green Party.” About the FDP, “Too Much Tolerance: Pedophilia Debate Hits Germany’s FDP.”