Paul wrote to his generation…

For it has been granted to you that for the sake of Christ you should not only believe in him but also suffer for his sake. (Philippians 1:29)

As the weeks and months are passing by without the deliverance of our children in sight, all we can do is cling to our Abba, to one another, and find strength and consolation in His word. We desire that this pain would cause us to grow our roots deeper towards our Father instead of withering. Our beloved sister Achidah (oldest member in our tribe, age 78), has these thoughts concerning our children.

Achidah Belibah“I believe that our Father prepares His dedicated children in captivity to be able to identify with children who will come in from the world. The same I believe for our youth. Because their hearts were hurt and their souls were damaged they will have understanding and compassion. Our Father has considered His children and His youth as worthy and has believed in them that they could take on the suffering and endure it.

“I am so thankful that our Abba was and is so patient and merciful. If we trust and obey Him fully then His intention will become reality. Our love story has just begun. I also want to take on suffering and be with all of you — come what may.”



We address our Father, God in Heaven, as Abba. We believe He has a will to be done on earth, just as it is done in heaven. Those who do His will are His disciples. His will is expressed in His Word, both the Old Covenant, as prophecy, and the New Covenant, as fulfilment. In Germany, as we have been personally told1 we are being persecuted because of our obedience to the Scriptures. We look to Him, our Deliverer and Helper.