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An interesting letter from an observer in Great Britain

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Thank you for keeping me up to date.
I am totally with you — I was informed about you based on the information on your website and other sources that I have collected.

Sabine Riede

Ms. Riede, “cult expert”.

It is completely obvious that the self-proclaimed “cult experts”, the German authorities, and especially the Youth Welfare Office are all operating outside the law and are abusing the fundamental human rights of parents and their children and they in an most insidious and hurtful way.

Fundamental human rights written into Constitutional (in Germany, the Basic Law) for very good reasons — to serve as absolute, inviolable guidelines to prevent corrupt occurrences such as this.


RTL reporter Wolfram Kuhnigk with Youth Office manager, Mr. Kanth.

It is equally obvious that the sneaky “journalist” operating, as do so many, like an immoral mercenary with all the modern technology available to him, was acting in an unlawful manner. I say unlawful and immoral as his activities—in a deliberate and woefully—compromised the right to privacy in family and community life to which we are all entitled, regardless of our religion.

Germany signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, did it not?

Further, the close ties between Kuhnigk and Riede merit investigation — his fixed bias and socio-political agenda deliberately matches this self-proclaimed “sect expert” who was given so much time to air her ridiculous and unsubstantiated opinions in his baneful film.

Riede Kuhnigk Kanth"Cult expert" Ms. Riede, W.Kuhnigk, and A. Kanth.

The fact that such unlawful “fear-mongering” televisual techniques, which IN THEIR SUBSTANCE, reveal NOTHING even close to the ‘torture’ or ‘abuse’ alleged by Riede and Kuhnigk in the film, can subsequently be used by German ‘authorities’ is again, as their logic dictates, disturbingly unlawful.

To mount a massive, Police plus Jugendamt (youth welfare office) attack, based on such ridiculous and flimsy televisual ‘evidence’, and to thus unlawfully kidnap and take children away from their biological parents, traumatizing and wounding an entire community, whether religious or not, is a very serious concern to many of us observers.

This is simply tyrannical, unlawful and undemocratic — but this unholy alliance and abuse of the media is such in its essence. ‘Mainstream media’ is itself economically and ideologically compromised and corporatized. Corporations and political ‘authorities’ self-serve within their own hegemony — a narrow and self-ingratiating socio-political and socio-economic agenda.

Thus it has spawned the revolution that we both witness and are actively a part of — against such deliberate machinations and manipulations.

It’s why I choose to live without television, radio and other ‘mainstream’ media — my mind belongs to me! My truth is my own and it comes from the real world and those who live in the real world. Not from those who clearly stand for and live for cronyism and who inhabit the twilight world of ‘Realpolitik’.

The ‘authorities’ authorities to act in such a manner is clearly being brought into question by many of us as it is clearly an ‘authority’ misplaced and misused. Those who behave as ‘authoritarians’ clearly have no place among us — especially not as ‘leaders’.

This is hardly surprising after hearing German government officials proclaiming that “they do not have to abide by the decisions of their own courts in such matters”! They are already been judged many times previously, to be acting unlawfully by kidnapping children from their parents and yet they feel ’empowered’ to ignore another’s authority.

cropped-Cropped-Header-Raid.jpgThey, as they are making clear to us, feel as if only THEY have ‘authority’.

This is a very worrying proclamation and a very worrying state of affairs, and it serves as a strong signal for us to take action.

Their “authority” must be continually brought into question.

Authoritarians clearly lack the fundamental moral accountability, integrity, and humanity which characterize any and every person upon whom we bestow trust and real authority.

As does the fact that the youth welfare office is a body operating above the law, given unwarranted and unmerited ‘credence and jurisdiction’ by these self-same German government officials who believe that they have the ‘right’ to operate outside of the Law and the Trust of their own people.

The is a sign of the times we live in; gutter politics and gutter media media operating within a mutual self-serving and hegemonic ‘worldview’.1  What we are witnessing throughout Europe and most of the world at large is the cultural hegemony foretold by Marx and others.

In the 20th century, the political-science denotation of hegemony (dominance) expanded to include the cultural domination, by a ruling class, of a socially stratified society. That by manipulating the dominant ideology (cultural values and mores) of the society, the ruling class can intellectually dominate the other social classes with an imposed worldview (In German: Weltanschauung) that ideologically justifies the social, political, and economic status quo of the society as if it were a natural and normal, inevitable and perpetual state of affairs that always has been so.

FIgure Sitting in Darkness
Undoubtedly, it is why the majority of the German people, by their millions, are abandoning the mainstream media and a looking for real truth elsewhere; most notably on the Internet.

This is, of course, not limited to the German people; it is happening worldwide.

Perhaps we may well witness within the next few decades the real dawning of a new age when those of us; the vast majority of us who would life peaceful lives in mutual cooperation and kinship, not within a deliberately enforced and manipulative socio-economic and socio-political hegemony serving narrow, and frankly perverse ‘interests’, will take our lands and thus our power back into our own hands.

John Pilgers, whom I met ‘by chance’ many years back, while working for a small vineyard in the south of France, has been warning people about hegemonic, corporate-political machinations and manipulations using ‘media’ for decades. It behooves all of us to take such warnings to heart and to act in good conscience and concert against their abuses of our misplaced trust.

We frankly do not trust our ‘leaders’ nor ‘media’ anymore and we are wise to do so.

It’s high time for change!

I will actively be helping you by writing to those currently in ‘power’, and to raise further awareness of your ongoing plight by contacting all of my many friends and associates in the many social and political organisations within which I militate.

Thus I wish you all the best of ‘luck’ and ‘fortune’ and as you all know full well — ‘God helps those who help themselves’!  I will be looking out for you and I know you will not be discouraged and that you will have your children back.


PS: Do not hang your head!



  1. It is also, beyond question, the reason why the public at large throughout Europe have lost all confidence in the current ‘merry-go round’ of career-driven, lily-livered corporate-puppets who would self-style themselves as our ‘leaders’.  They are no such thing.  They possess neither the morality, nor the integrity.  Their associations and their actions speak much louder than their continual lies.  Indeed it bears true testimony to their lies; their base deception and to their socio-political agendas — their real intentions.