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Without choice in a “Free Country”

This is a report about the coercive detention of a father in Germany taken from an online video of an interview after his release.

In a German media report, “Custody for Father because daughter did not come to sexual education,” the local spokesman for the School District says simply that you don’t have a choice about which classes your children attend. About all subjects, including sexual education, spokesman Martin Reuther said, “I can not just say, a subject I do not like my daughter does not participate in.”

But the father says the schools destroy the children from within, and obviously, the state compels them from without.1 It is an earnestly serious matter, which the father claims destroys the children’s souls. In Germany parents can not win, they can not break even, and they can only get out by emigrating. And perhaps many will, as the following common people say. But no one will listen to them.

August 22, 2013—the Penitentiary in Hamm, Germany

Hamm Penitentiary

Hamm Justizvollzugsanstalt (Penitentiary)

Reporter: Ladies and Gentlemen, today we are reporting a media commentary, live from the penitentiary in Hamm, Germany, with an incredible story.

Protest Hamm Penitentiary 1
Melitta lives with her parents near Meschede, has seven siblings, and attends the fourth grade at the local elementary school in Eslohe-rice, Germany. Her teachers praise her regularly for her noticeably positive behavior. Upon being confronted with sexual education at her school, Melitta M. leaves the classroom, because she was uncomfortable with the topic. That her behavior was understandable can be seen from the incident in Borken, Germany where on June 27, 2013, eight sixth-graders collapsed after being shown pictures of genitalia.

Melissa was finally, after a conversation with the school leaders, forcefully pulled into the classroom, and because of her defiance, had to spend the rest of the period in the teacher’s room. Considering the fact that German schools offer alternative classes for unreligious students, and many schools even offer Islamic studies for Muslim students, all in the name of tolerance, this intolerant approach, which is ordered by law, is not understandable.

GermanI lslamic Studies
Worse, because the period in the teacher’s room, and a further period of sexual education were officially reported to school officials as missed classes, public authorities had to intervene. The notification of a fine, which was refused by Melitta’s parents, was followed by a court charge, then a visit from the court marshal, and finally a forwarding to the regional appeals court, where the parents were not permitted to defend themselves. After a further notice to pay, Melissa’s father, Eugen M, as well as he and his wife, Luise, were each sentenced to one day of jail time and were ordered to report to the responsible correctional facility on their own.

Eugen Luise Martens

Eugen and Luise (Foto: Ted Jones)

Since Eugen M was convinced of his innocence, he refused to participate and he was taken into custody and put in jail. His pregnant wife, Luise, received the same sentence, and we are waiting to see how officials will act in regards to the mother.

Here we are, ladies and gentlemen, waiting in front of a jail, not to receive a murderer or rapist, but Eugen M, a father who is worried about the good care of his children and is even ready to go to jail for it.

Sadly, we are not talking about a singular cases because there have recently been numerous parents taken into custody wanting to protect their children from similar classes.

Already in 2010, Kopp Publishers reported several cases in which mothers and fathers were jailed for weeks for not sending their children to sexual education classes. The mass media failed to report these hair raising cases, which should force us even more to the responsibility of informing the general public of this drawback. If we do not stop finally stop stamping off caring parents as immature, and taking away their rights to decide over their children, then we shouldn’t be surprised when the falling birthrate speeds up and large families that provide the backbone for a healthy country leave our country. That would be the end of us.

We now hope to get in a few words with Eugen M. after he is released.

Parents chanting: “How long will politics keep silent in view of this scandal.”

Hamm Protest 2Children chanting: “We need love and not sex.”

Children chanting: “We need love instead of mandatory education.”

The children don’t dare speak up in School about it

Reporter: “You are participating in this demonstration today. What do you think about the sentence?”

Man: “Well, I find it interesting, that a father is sentenced for taking his children out of a lesson where pornographic material is dealt with. On the other hand there are laws that protect children when they come in contact with pornographic materials—that is punishable. Now the father protecting his child is in jail. This is absurd. I want to know who does such things.  I want to know what judge gives such a sentence. I want to know what sort of judge is that. What he is up to? Something is not right in the system, that is why I am standing here.

Woman: “I simply want to show my solidarity with the parents because I know, I have talked to many children. They really suffer with this. It is mainly the elementary school children [who suffer] from pornographic sex education. It is porn education. You can’t describe it any way else. It is porn education. The children suffer and they are overburdened with that and they don’t dare speak up in school about it. They are forced. A child told me, “Everything is so horrible,” and the suffering is written all over her face.

She said, “The worse part is that we have to learn all these things by heart.”

“The children don’t dare, under this pressure say anything, and most of them don’t even say anything at home. Most of them don’t say anything at home. But at some point the parents, if they are attentive, notice their children have changed. Sometimes it only comes to light by coincidence what is going on in sex education class at school. One father stated literally to a large Colonge newspaper, “What’s going on here is porn education and we will stand up against this. And that is why I am here. I fully stand behind it. It has to stop. It has to stop and we will protest until it does.”

Eugen M. FamilyFather released from jail and swarmed happily by his large family.

Reporter: “You’ve just been released from jail. May I ask you some questions?”

Eugen M: “Yes, of course.”

Reporter: “How do you feel now that you’ve just been released?”

Eugen M: “Well, certainly freer. It is sort of an awkward feeling to be taken into custody for something you are not guilty of in any way. You are simply deprived of your freedom, which is anyone’s due. Actually it is one of the most important things in human life. And then you are simply taken into custody because of two missed classes of my daughter in sex ed because my daughter simply couldn’t cope with that.”

Reporter: “How did your daughter have the courage to leave the class?”

Eugen M: “Well, for us as a family, it has always been clear that this development which is going on in schools, in the entire school system, with sex education, can’t work out. We could never get used to it and that it was has been clear from the beginning that my daughter could always decide on her own feeling. We encouraged her to stand firm when she feels that she doesn’t feel good about it. We supported her that she was even allowed to leave the room.”

Reporter: “You spent one entire night in prison. Was the sacrifice worth it for you?”

Eugen M. “In any case, in any case, even just because of this interview with you, and the following publication of this story, it was worth it. Yes, it simply has to go public. It has to have people know what is going on. That is why it was worth it to go on in any case.”

pysche of child disrupted and they are destroyed.

Reporter: “According to your opinion, what should change now? The teachers, the school system. What’s your view?”

Eugen M: “The teachers in most cases have little to say… It is more about the the school system that pushes through and implements early sex education in such a determined way, endangering our children enormously.”

Eugen M. Speaking HammReporter: “You just mentioned early sex education. How great is the danger of early sex ed? Do you have any examples?

Eugen M: “You could mention now at this point many examples. Let’s take this incident of eight children in Borken who collapsed in sex ed class and six of them had to go to the hospital.

“Worse, even yet, was the example of two thirteen-year-old boys, where one boy had raped a five-year-old girl and the other held tight her seven-year-old brother and forced him to watch it. What moves these children to do such a thing? The children nowadays are confronted with brutal pornography via mobile phone and unhindered Internet access. And on the other hand, it is the schools themselves. With the early sex education, they are destroyed from within. The pysche of the child is disrupted and with that they are destroyed.”

Reporter: “What do you advise parents now who may be in a similar situation as you are?”

Eugen M: “Well, I advise you at any rate, don’t look away. Make the problem your concern. Make sure that this story and other incidents is made public. That your friends here about it and they tell their friends who tell their friends. In my opinion it is the one and only way and the strongest way to publish this nuisance and make it known to the people. At this point I give thanks on behalf of my children for anyone who takes a stand for this issue and becomes active in this matter. Thank you.”

Reporter: “Yes, thank you very much. Thank you for this interview.”

Chanting: “Stop early sexual education of children.”

Stop Early Sex Education

Translation. Left: “Stop sexual abuse of children!” Right: “Stop Forced Sex Education in Primary School!”

Chanting: “Forced sexualization is parental discrimination.”

Hamm Protest Parents
Reporter: “Dear viewers, does this interview touch you? Does it hurt you to see that the mass media doesn’t say anything about this? Then make sure this doesn’t get swept under the rug. Inform your neighbors, inform your friends. More topics about this are on www.klagmaur.tv. We wish you a good evening.”


  1. As “Saint” Augustine said, “Compel them to come!” What kind of school system requires compulsion to succeed? The truth, a famous defender of liberty once said, can stand on its own. It is error which needs the force of the state to succeed. That was Thomas Jefferson of America, who said, “It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.” (Jefferson, Notes on Virginia, W. Pechin, 1800, p. 161) But for Europe, even for Germany today, let us go to Augustine, who justified the doctrine of coercion for the Catholic Church long ago. “Augustine: What… is worse for the soul than the freedom to be in error? The Christian Emperor… thought it well… to bring those who were against the cause of Christ into the unity of the Catholic Church, even by terror and compulsion… The heretics however… are unwilling to be compelled. They say, “Let us come in, of our own good will.” But this is not the Lord’s order! He says, “Compel them to come in.” Let compulsion be found outside, the will shall arise within.” For citations, see the article, “Where did the Constitution Come From?