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I have not done anything that would justify the accusations against me. I am judged solely due to my religious affiliation to the community of the Twelve Tribes. This is illegal and against the basic human rights of all people.

I am being accused because they think I have “abused and tormented my eight-year-old son with a dangerous object.”

Despite there being no evidence of such heinous behavior1, I am accused of blindly following the “rules” of the Community of the Twelve Tribes. I am accused of “punishing” my son and intentionally “torturing” him. These charges standing against me in the courtroom came from statements made ​​by people who do not know me, who know nothing about my son or myself.

On the day of the raid on September 5, 2013, 42 completely intact and Noach Reya floating stumphealthy children were abducted. This was done for no reason, and without the Youth Office having previously undertaken any efforts before such a drastic measure as the taking into care of children can ever be considered. This is required by law. The official medical examination revealed no evidence of abuse. On this day my son Noah was perfectly healthy, both physically and mentally well developed.

With his lawyer my son Noah described his discipline in November 2013 as something completely normal and positive. It is not a punishment, he said at the time, but merely a correction. It was not bad and he knew for sure that his mother loved him and he also loved her.

I am a mother who loves her son more than anything. I have brought my son up to keep a clear conscience, and to grow up to be a  righteous, sincere person.
Miriam boy Noach manRaising children is the God-given right of parents. Even here in Germany! This is clearly enshrined in the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany, which was written in the consciousness of responsibility before God and men (Article 6). My basic human rights have been violated. Article 19 of the Basic Law requires that a fundamental right must not be touched in its essence in any case.

Our Creator makes a clear distinction between education and abuse. He does not tolerate abuse in any form. This is written in every human conscience. All those who ignore their conscience and act against their conscience, will have to answer for it one day before their Creator.

I condemn all forms of violence against children or adults.

My son is a wonderful boy. Anyone who had the opportunity to get to know him a little bit sees that he is not abused child. Using common sense anyone can come to the conclusion that this open, happy, talented boy is the fruit of a good education, a loving and safe home and a peaceful environment.
Miriam Noach Chayah SimchahHe grew up in the Twelve Tribes! Noah wants to return back to me! Why do the  social services tell me:

You are a great mother and your son wants to go back to you. It is up to you. Only you can influence the situation. Leave the Twelve Tribes and we bring your son back tomorrow?


Read the personal paper of the Stark Family: only in German for now.

  1. There is no evidence because there was no such behavior.