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Dear Ms. Family Court Judge,

We have since left Germany.

My second son was born on December 9, 2014, a year to the day after my first-born was snatched violently from my wifeFamily.

At the birth I became aware again of the depth and intimacy of the marriage covenant and of childbirth. A man who witnessed his wife at the birth of his child, knows that there is a Creator. A woman who goes through all this to bring forth life, to rob them of their children is in my eyes simply a blatant crime.

The man, man and woman is created in the image of God. Marriage and family are initiated by God. Public servants who raise their hand against families, raise their hand against God, and bring a curse upon themselves.

In Proverbs 26:27 is the following:

Who digs a pit shall fall therein; and he who rolls a stone, he will come back.

There are spiritual laws whose limits can not be moved. Even the German vernacular describes such: “He who digs a pit will fall into it.”

The Basic Law assumes that parents are capable of bringing up their children. Art. 6 of the Basic Law states that gegen_ihrem_willen_festgehaltenit is the natural right of parents to educate their children. Paragraphs 1 through 3 of Article 6:

(1) “Marriage and family enjoy the special protection of the state.

(2) “Care and upbringing of children are the natural right of the parents and a duty primarily incumbent on them. The state watches over the performance of this duty.

(3) Separation of children from the family against the will of the persons entitled to bring them up may take place only pursuant to a law, if those so entitled fail in their duty or if the children are otherwise threatened with neglect.”

Thus, there is no need of psychological reporting to have that right. If the Jugendamt (youth welfare office) has a different opinion, they should cite relevant facts from their files. The arbitrary taking into care of my son was not justified. I demand the immediate return of my son. That it is kept away from me, cause psychological injury and possibly damage.

Unfortunately, the authorities are fallen into the trap of a smear campaign  and are now helping to dig a pit. I hope Mrs. judge that you and the authorities can hear the truth. Even if the truth is suppressed for a little while, it will still be revealed.

A false witness shall not be unpunished, and who submits lies will perish. (Proverbs 19:9)

We have the right to a fair trial, therefore we have the right to be heard. Why have our witnesses not been heard? In the context of a fair trial, I request the unreduced file from the Jugendamt.

IMG_8003§ 8a of the SGB (German Social Code) requires the Jugendamt (Youth Office) to assess the proportionality of any measure.

This requires more than an expert to assess the situation and choose the mildest measure to prevent danger.

I want to see the files regarding this assessment. Both for the actions of September 5, 2013 and for December 9, 2013.

The police action on December 9, 2013 in the mother-child station makes it clear that there was no assessment of proportionality. Other motives were at work there.

Especially since we did not know the Jugendamt also before September 5, 2013, it stands to reason that proportionality was never considered. This is probably one reason that to date no file has been provided to us. The Head of the Jugendamt, Mr. Kanth had no time to talk to me. I never authorized any speaker whose actions have been imputed to me now. We only had representatives in school matters that are not yet concerned with me because my son was only 2 ½ years old. I urge the full access to the file because there is certainly positive memos.

Just as § 1631 is interpreted in our case, “legalized” the largest act of violence one can do to a family. Mere membership of a religious group is not proof of guilt and not reason to judge us. We complain that any statements about other families are taken and simply placed in our file. I would also like to clarify that all so-called witnesses do not know my family situation, as they left before I had a family. Thus, their statements are meaningless and should be removed from my file. Also, I have never neglected the medical care of my son. I come from a family with a lot of care and that I continue to give from the heart like my children. All the allegations do not apply to my family. AGAIN WE LOVE OUR SON!

This court is bound by the Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights. Here is a quote from “Parliamentary Assembly of the council of Europe on November 30, 2012”:

On human rights and family courts:

1. The Parliamentary Assembly is concerned about the proper functioning of the family courts in some European countries (including Germany!) where children are taken against the wishes of the parents into custody and the right of the family is not respected and due process guaranteed is violated.

3. The meeting confirmed that the environment of the family offers the best conditions for the proper development of children. Before children are placed in the care of others or an institution, their own family should have been guaranteed any help to deal with the problems in the family.

My family is torn from us for almost 16 unbearable months. I appeal to your conscience fervently to end this situation. I know deeply that my Creator will deal sooner or later with the drivers in this campaign, that the stone will roll back on them.

Jeaseyah mit Abba