From the Heart of the Groom

Wedding09Have you ever thought about…

Why do I live?   For what purpose was I born?

I believe that many ask themselves this question but there’s no right answer. This question comes from a deep longing in the soul of every person to be connected with their Creator. If you know that you are at peace with your Maker, you will be happy and satisfied. So many children today are born, not knowing whether their parents love them. Therefore, they are not prepared for the life that lies ahead. They try fill the emptiness in their soul with various selfish and worthless things; they only look at the short-lived pleasure of fulfillment. For so many on that path, there is not much to identify as God’s image in man.

Wedding08But in the midst of this confusion God forms a new social order where men, women, and children learn to deal with their selfishness by loving their Creator and each other. But this is only possible because man Yahshua, the Son of God, who loved the people so much that he has lived a selfless life and died to pay for our sins. If you are truly experiencing God’s love, then you want to return everything to Him and leave your selfish ways behind. If you experience forgiveness, you want to forgive others. If love is shown you than you want to return that love. If someone lays down his life for you, it makes you want to do the same. This is called a bond, that only best friends have together.

I grew up in the Community under the loving care of my parents and I know that I am one of the few privileged children who always knew they were loved and had a purpose for life. My parents cultivated a good relationship with us children which connected us with the One who gave us life.
Wedding07The desire to one day find a woman who was pure and holy, I talked about with my parents. I wanted to find someone who would completely understand, support, and strengthen me, and who had the same heart as I do. I was also very clear that I would include my whole life with this woman if I had found her and that she would give her life to me.

By this time I noticed Tehorah and admired her sincere heart and dedication to our common life that I love so much.

I developed my relationship with Tehorah. By the time we became best friends and our love for each other grew, so that we could not live without each other. Our relationship reached the point that we wanted to seal the marriage covenant with each other.

Now we will build this common life of love, where the lost, lonely, and seekers can find a home and a purpose. Here we want to spend our whole lives and give our heart, all our soul, and strength that God’s Kingdom may come down to earth.

It is worth everything to us and we would like to invite everyone to be part of the restoration of all things.

Children’s Offering at our Wedding