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A Representation of Things to Come


The Groom and Bride meet in mid-heaven.

November 29, 2014—It was a wonderful and amazing wedding day. One of the moments that stirred me up was right after Mephibosheth crowned her, my daughter, Tehorah, who grew up in the way of Abraham

The bride sung, “You laid down your life that we could be set free…a nation of people who sing in unity.”*

When Tehorah motioned to her people, I saw this is the bride — a united people. It was as if she was showing Yahshua Himself, “Here is your bride, Yahshua, the people who have become like you. You are still the only one worth living for.”

I am so extremely glad that the bride is real – as real as Tehorah is to Mephibosheth.


Greeting the children after their offering.

What the Future Holds for His People

I started thinking of all she (we) will need to go through in order for justice to come to the earth. Of course, I thought of our beloved Tribe of Levi, the great suffering that is at hand. Times will become very, very evil. There will be terrible, hard suffering on the earth. At the same time, there will be a pure people, a holy people being raise up, prepared – the BRIDE of Messiah.

There is a standard of love to be lifted up in these dark times and that love is the very obedience to His commands, nothing less.


Honoring their parents!

Wherever that standard is being upheld, in this evil day and age, you can be sure that great suffering will come upon all who are upholding it. We know this is true because we see our brothers and sisters in Germany. There, all that is good is being beaten down and all that is bad is being lifted up. We know it will happen in other places as well, but we appreciate those brothers and sisters so much.

Therefore, we ourselves boast about you in the churches of God for your steadfastness and faith in all your persecutions and in the afflictions that you are enduring. This is evidence of the righteous judgment of God, that you may be considered worthy of the kingdom of God, for which you are also suffering. (2 Thessalonians 1:4-5)

It will get so hard for His holy people to live in that evil society that she will have to flee. But just before she does she will send out the best of her purest generation. One hundred forty four thousand young men – the purest men that ever walked the earth besides our Master Yahshua. They will be hated just like He was hated. And they will be killed for the message they bear witness of.


Waiting for His Bride to be made ready.

At the beginning of the pre-enactment we saw Yahshua sitting on the throne in heaven. Right there with Him will be the souls of all those beautiful young men who were killed because they were just like Him. The time will be so near and they will be crying out to Him, “How long? How long until you will go back to earth and bring judgment?”

But our Master is on the edge of His throne waiting until the last of them have been killed and the final preparations of the bride are complete. I was imagining (if I possibly could) the incredible intensity of that scene in heaven and the bride in the wilderness. It is the very end of times. When those last two witnesses are killed, the bride will also be READY! Then at last will come the blast of the Yobel!

Tears well up in the depths of our being as we realize that the sound of the Yobel in the ears of us suffering people will be the most marvelous sound we ever heard. For us who overcome it will mean that it’s finished! It will mean that we made it! It means…ALL OF OUR SUFFERING IS NOT IN VAIN!”

Finally, justice can come to earth!

We live for that day when finally justice can come to the earth and there will be an age of peace where Yahshua and His bride will rule together on the throne for a thousand years. No more evil on the earth because it will be the year of Jubilee when everything goes back to the one it belongs to. We know that the earth belongs to Yahshua! Even now, but He needs us to overcome with that same heart for justice that He has in order for Him to come back to rule over what actually belongs to Him. I am so glad that the King gets what He deserves!

We don’t know what we will need to go through to bring all this about, but we want to be like our brothers and sisters in Levi – not ashamed or afraid to lift up our Father’s standard of love –obeying His commands, clinging to Him, a three strand cord in our relationships with one another, making the chain stronger and stronger that will bind the evil one. We want to be right there on that day when the Yobel sounds, overcoming to be one with Him.

A nation upholding the standards of the One who is Love – raising up a pure generation – through much suffering she is purified and made ready. One bride for our wonderful King Yahshua, the only One worth living for! That is what is clearly seen in the heart of Mephibosheth and his wife! We love them so very much.


Singing to all of us.

From a very thankful imma,

Gilah shel Yehezkel


* The Song, “You Laid Down Your Life” sung by a Community.