A: “It was a moment of horror,” a child said.

but the police said,

B: “Actually, nothing happened”.

Well, it was one or the other…


A child said it was a moment of horror and a policeman, echoed by teachers, administrators, and the Ministry of Education, said nothing happened, ho hum. Does someone have something to hide, that they sincerely wish would be downplayed and quickly forgotten?1

Well, here is where nothing happened: Borken, Germany.

The Remigianum Gymnasium in Borken. (Bludau)

Or maybe it is where there was a moment of horror.

It depends on who you listen to…

Or maybe it depends on who you care about.

B: What the Nothingness was. . .

Six children collapsed in a mandatory sex education class, the kind of class parents go to jail for when their children refuse to attend. Of course as Germans have known for a long time, all classes are mandatory and parents, both by law and philosophy, can make no objections.

Here is one synopsis of the “nothingness” as reported by an English language German newspaper: “Six kids collapse in Sex Education Class“:

The Local—”None of the children, aged 11-12-years old, are suffering from any complications following the incident, which both police and teachers were keen to play down. “Actually nothing happened,” said the police spokesman.

“Yet nobody has been able to explain exactly what happened. “The pictures were completely normal, not alarming, how such pictures are,” said the police.


A: What the “Moment of Horror” was…

More details emerged, however, where it appears as though something “shocking” did happen: “Six 11 and 12 year-old students sent to hospital after fainting during graphic sex-ed lesson.”

Lifesite News“The unnamed biology teacher related that the students began to behave alarmingly and, when one child observed another become pale and silent, she fainted. Five more children then followed suit and fainted. The terrified teacher called an ambulance and the children were taken to hospital where all but one, who was kept for an unrelated infection, were treated and released.

“It was a moment of horror,” one of the children told the newspaper Der Westen.

The biology teacher, when asked by reporters what might have caused this “mysterious reaction” of students, said she was surprised by the situation and that she “could not identify the cause.”

“The Polish news service Polonia Christiana however, reported that the teacher did indicate that the method of presenting the lesson and giving the children the task of coloring in the pictures may have been “a shock” to them.

“Polonia Christiana also reported that besides the schematic drawings, the teacher had detailed “educational models” of genitals in the classroom.”

The teacher is quoted in Germany as being unable to imagine what was behind the mystery, but in non-German sources the details seem to get a little clearer. Perhaps the manner of presentation was shocking, the teacher is said to wonder, and giving the children the shocking drawings to color finished them off.


B: What happened when “nothing happened”


Helga Ulbricht

The school officials were like the police, confident nothing actually happened:
Focus Online—”The sex education [used] is firmly rooted in all German curricula. ‘The teaching materials are tested multiple times and are pedagogically acceptable,” says Helga Ulbricht, school psychologist and head of the department of school counseling in Munich. ‘A student may as well faint under stress at a school experiment.'”

Here her words become very interesting, very insightful. Consider who she does and doesn’t talk about. Also, are these her opinions or the result of investigation? 

Focus Online—”Most often not the subject of the training is responsible for such a strong emotional reaction. It is rather important what kind of imagination the student connects to the specific situation and what kind of knowledge he has already has about the subject. A child, whose parents do not talk at home about sexual issues, might feel overwhelmed and start to hyperventilate. The same could happen to another who already experienced the first kiss. The physical stress reaction is the same but the reasons are actually different. The child from the prudish family will find the way he views the whole world turned upside down, since he realizes for the first time what the parents did causing his birth. The other one who already had sexual encounters might feel rather found out and will overreact also. [What is] Happening is a playing together of the knowledge the student already has, which will be fed by the pictures shown in the training,” says Ulbricht.

Focus Online—”She questions that the student pass out because of the training material that was used.”

She covers all the bases that will satisfy her readers’ concerns. She does not say that she actually talked to the children or to the parents.


A: The Horror of Nothingness

But how much do the parents matter in the great enterprise of modern education? How much do the children even matter? They are both means to an end.2 The parents produce the raw materials, the children, and the schools manufacture products from these materials.3  We are all then only “matter in motion” to quote Mao Tse-tung.4 So it doesn’t matter very much what the State does with this piece of matter or that, does it?

Yes, he who controls the government determines what the finished product is, or at least what is hoped for. These are tricky, often uncooperative raw materials.


B: Turning his world upside down

Everything Helga Ulbricht said was assumptions about what was going on in their little souls, and more assumptions about what life was like back home. The extreme emotional reactions of six of the children was real, requiring emergency medical attention. That was objective. And so were her words, “the way he views the whole world [is] turned upside down“— that you can know by the fruit. Being unexpectedly turned upside down makes one nauseous. Physically, yes, but especially in one’s moral sensibilities, when one’s “shame boundary” has been crossed

It is only a surprise or a mystery to those hardened of heart and calloused of conscience that these boys and girls, ages 11 and 12, felt horrible shame at having to color explicit images of human genitalia in front of children of the opposite sex.

But such a turning upside down, such an assault on their souls, was the intention of the insensitive, across-the-board explicit sex education classes that all children are required to attend. It could have no other effect, and German educators are quite perceptive enough to know it would, even in advance. This is simply bad publicity, nothing more. Such “education” works to achieve the goal or molding new citizens, even a new man.


A: Or do the parents know best?

Then the German reader is affirmed that such horrible classes are in the children’s best interests, because some parents are still “prudish”—and what could be worse than that? The State must put a stop to such backwardness by any means available.

Or are the parents sensitive to their children, answering their questions as they naturally arise? Giving what is needed for their growing understanding, paralleling their growing and maturing bodies?

But who knows or who cares? Obviously not the German Ministry of Education! 


One final, revealing Detail

This troubling incident in Borken, Germany, received intense, but brief notice in the German media. Perhaps some reader knows of an account where the thoughts and feelings of the parents were considered; I have not been able to find one. Wouldn’t it be good to know what they thought?

But what we do know is that the German philosophy of education, backed up by both statute and courts of law, and upheld by police force, very clearly maintains that the wishes of the parents do not matter. 

Certainly reporters are keen enough to realize this, that in Germany the opinions of the parents don’t matter, even in such scandalous invasions of children’s psyches. Why then bother interviewing such non-entities as the parents?

Sitting in judgment of the parents’ views on the appropriate time to educate their children about the marriage covenant and the lifelong commitment implicit in human sexuality is not an afterthought of current educational philosophy. It is an essential aspect of the creation of the new man. It is a necessary element in the destruction of the old moral order of human life.

This is harmonious with the goals and the philosophies of communist and socialist political parties. But curiously, a political party with “Christian” in their name is also in on this. They should change their name or change their behavior. Or they could print a new Bible with every thought of the sanctity of marriage, the condemnation of immorality, the honor due parents, and the training of children removed. It could be a new German Bible for today. This would be no worse than what they are doing.



  1. So said at least one media report: “There were red faces all round in a school in the western German town of Borken, North Rhine-Westphalia, after six children fainted during a sex education class.”—From “The Local”, link to article, “Six kids collapse in Sex Education Class” above.
  2. A reality that the White Rose protested, at the cost of their lives, seventy years before. They said viewing men as means to an end destroys the foundations of morality and natural law. They applied an ancient example of this to modern day Germany: ““A law of the state made it the duty of Spartans to be inhumane to their slaves; in these unhappy victims of war humanity itself was insulted and mistreated. In the Spartan code of law the dangerous principle was promulgated that men are to be looked upon as means and not as ends – and the foundations of natural law and of morality were destroyed by that law…”~White Rose pamphlet 1, page 2, quoting Friedrich Schiller’s “The Lawgiving of Lycurgus and Solon”.
  3. This view of education was articulated by the American, Ellwood Cubberly, in stunning clarity. As he put it in his Columbia College Teachers Dissertation in 1905: Schools were to be factories “in which raw products, children, are to be shaped and formed into finished products… manufactured like nails, and the specifications for manufacturing will come from government and industry.”
  4. He summarized the materialism of Marx with the statement: “There is nothing in the world apart from matter in motion.” On Contradiction, International Publishers Edition, 1953, page 20.