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Some lawmakers believe the way the Baby Jesus was raised should be illegal.

Noerdlingen_28_Nov_13-1As this holiday season progresses, we hope all those who know about the 16 children of the parents of the TwelveTribes communities in Klostezimmern and Wornitz will also understand that these children are not with and will not spend the holidays with their parents. Instead they continue to beg the courts, the Jugendamt and the foster parents to let them go home. But their voice is ignored. At times they almost lose hope that this will ever happen, but they have a strong bond with their parents and live for the day they are released from captivity.

chaninah an Prexl


Your honor Mr. P.

I want to go home!

I can not endure here any more.

Please understand me!

Without my parents I can not live!

You cannot just take me away from my parents, that goes against the law.

I will not give up until I am home!

I was doing the best with my parents.

Let me go Home!

Many thanks,

Chaninah Schott, age 11

The officials must suppress their consciences very deeply to continue to hold these children against their will when they have no evidence of any abuse.1 Aside from being illegal, it is also inhumane and disregards the dignity of these children. There are three misconceptions that we have heard officials use that are misleading, prejudicial and narrow minded, but very powerful to justify their actions against the vulnerable children of these Twelve Tribes parents. The three misconceptions are:

1. The Twelve Tribes is a minority religion that deprives its children of the “opportunities” of the larger German society. This carries a negative connotation of a “parallel society” that will not fully integrate into the larger society;

2. The Twelve Tribes community in Germany is a “subculture” and therefore not entitled to constitutional protection of their human rights; and

3. The teachings of the Proverbs and the Fifth Commandment in the Bible are outdated and antiquated, no longer relevant for today’s modern society.

The Twelve Tribes communities have their roots all the way back in the Screenshot from 2014-03-31 07:50:56foundation of their patriarch, Abraham, 4,000 years ago, who heard God speak to him to leave his country and go to the place God promised him. So he left the larger society he was raised in, and began a new society on a foundation whose architect and builder was God (Hebrews 11:10).

The life of the Twelve Tribes that came from him was based on obedience to God’s Word as recorded in the Bible. And by obedience to His Word, a culture would emerge on the earth that would be a light to the nations—what life would be like when people obeyed God’s commands. This culture was intended to be a new and living way for people to live and relate to one another by, one based on love for God and for your fellow man and on forgiveness. In no way was it envisioned to be a “subculture” that deprived people of the opportunities of the larger society, but rather to be a way of life that is a light to the nations.

Over the centuries that followed, Israel became divided and scattered due to their disobedience to God’s commands. And then the new spiritual Twelve Tribes was born as a result of the miraculous birth, death and resurrection of Yahshua or Jesus in the Bible. The result of his life was a new beginning of a brand new culture where all the believers lived together and had all things in common. (Acts 2:44) They shared all their possessions as any had need and there was not a needy person among them. Isn’t that what all humanity that celebrates this holiday season cries out for…a world where people can live together in peace and share what they have with one another?

Sadly, this new culture of twelve spiritual tribes waned and their love for God and each other declined and the fruit of their disobedience to God’s commands resulted in the dark and divided history of the last 1900 years of Christianity. But now in this time of history (Daniel 2:44), God has chosen to restore the life that was present back then when the new spiritual Twelve Tribes was inaugurated.

Our Twelve Tribes communities around the world are striving every day to obey the commands that God made clear in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Individuals voluntarily do this so that this emerging culture of all believers being together and sharing all things in common could bring this light to a brightness such that it would truly be a light to the nations of how God intended for his children to live. The fruit of this light is our children, bonded to their parents in a covenant love where the children take on the heart of their parents. Even though we have made many mistakes over the last 40 years, our life together has produced amazing children with an amazing bond between them and their parents. Almost everyone who has ever seen our children has this testimony about them.


We hope the courts and other officials involved in holding our children captive will do the right thing…the right thing for the children, their parents and for Germany. That is, return these children to their parents.

Let them come home! Remember that on the day they were seized, the doctors and psychologists who examined them found no evidence of abuse on any of them!

But the authorities keep these children as if they are pieces of evidence hoping to find reasons for them to turn against their parents. They keep digging and looking for evidence they don’t have by trying to undermine the parents’ authority and to indoctrinate their children against the way they were raised. Not only is this wrong and illegal according to the standards of the German Basic Law and the rulings of the Federal Constitutional Court, it is morally wicked and despicable! These actions violate human rights, family rights, and human dignity. It is in violent disregard of these rights.

It seems that the German government does not want ethnic or religious minorities who do not fully integrate into mainstream German society to exist in their country. Yet their Basic Law and the European Convention to which Germany is bound guarantees these basic rights to individuals and minorities. So, which is it? What prevails in Germany – the laws of the land protecting human rights or the actions of the Jugendamt and courts which deny these rights to members of the Twelve Tribes communities? Who will decide? These precious children hang in the balance…

Germany outlaws spanking and homeschooling, but both are promoted IMG_0988and commanded in the promises to Abraham in Genesis and in the Proverbs and elsewhere throughout the Bible. Is the German state asking us to replace the commands of God clearly written in the Proverbs with the laws of Germany that outlaw God’s Word? True Christians in Germany have no place to practice their faith, if they believe in the foundation of their faith, the Word of God.

The commands and promises to Abraham still stand and are valid today for people of faith. A culture that accepts all through faith in our Sovereign King, Yahshua, the Messiah, need not be outlawed but welcomed. The purpose of the Proverbs is so people can learn the Wisdom and Understanding that was with the Creator in the beginning. Humanity would be blessed if people listened to the instruction of Wisdom who was there when the heavens and the earth were brought into being.

If God’s Wisdom laid the foundations of the universe, can we listen to his instruction how to raise children?

…the Lord disciplines the one He loves and he chastises everyone he accepts as His son. (Hebrews 12:6)

The rod and reproof give wisdom, but a child who gets his own way brings shame to his mother. Proverbs 29:15

Is this advice not true? Can the Jugendamt or Family Court Judges disprove it? Can the Parliament of Germany undermine it? People of conscience all over the world have followed that instruction since the beginning of time.


Chaninah in Children’s Home.

It is only the modern nation states that make laws to deprive parents of their rightful authority over children – not to abuse, but to teach and discipline. Is it any wonder that parents all over the world are being robbed of their children? Are the children any better off? We think not, because governments were not created to raise children. Everyone knows that they do not do a very good job of it. They cannot. It is not the purpose of government.

How could these precious commands from God be irrelevant in today’s world? How could obeying God’s Word be automatically equated to abuse? A correct interpretation of God’s Word does not rob one’s human dignity. Only a misunderstood and mistaken application of the law could result in such an absurd conclusion. More oppressive laws and measures that come directly against God’s Word will only produce futility and further breakdown in German society and in any country that makes spanking and homeschooling illegal. Those practices are not the root of the problem.

We want to make clear that when we use the word “spanking”, we are not talking about frustrated, angry parents venting their hostility on their children. For that certainly should be considered child abuse. When we say “spanking” we are talking about parents who love their children enough to teach them that their actions have consequences, and to strengthen their sense of moral responsibility in how they relate to other human beings and the world around them. Spanking a child in peace for their misdeed and lovingly restoring them to fellowship would be a normal part of this kind of true parenting for any person of conscience, and certainly for those who follow God’s prescription set forth in the Bible for raising children.

  1. For the situation before the 5 September 2013 raid, see such posts as the “Open Letter to the Bavarian Senate,” the “Open Letter to Herr Kanth” (the Jugendamt leader), and “The Master Builder’s Most Treasured Possession.” For the health and well-being of our children when taken into captivity by force, see posts such as “Abused Children? Not by us!” and “My Fellow Citizens.”