This was a position of the Christian Democratic Union…

…according to a 2006 “Der Spiegel” report entitled, “Government: The New Man” by René Pfister. Somehow, this position changed to being quite ‘into’ people’s private lives.

WolfgangBosbachDer Spiegel—”Meanwhile, it dawns on some of the Union (CDU political party) that a project such as gender mainstreaming is difficult to reconcile with the programs of a conservative party. “I really wonder whether we are taking the right policy focus,” grumbles the Vice-Chairman of the Union Parties, Wolfgang Bosbach. Previously, it was always the Union position to stay out of the private lives of people as much as possible; they wanted to mold the country at will, but not the citizens.”

Now, obviously, eight years on, the liberal and conservative parties of Germany, the Reds, the Greens, and the CDU, seem to quite remarkably speak with one voice, at least about this intrusion of the government into people’s private lives.

The time is now to mold the citizen at will—at our will!

Molding requires force.

Making new men by law has always

required force.

As another 2006 article said, this molding requires destruction. An article in the Frankfurter paper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), by Volker Zastrow, said this:

FAZ—The goal is very lofty — it is nothing less than the creation of the new man and that by the destruction of the “traditional gender roles.

The entire project of gender mainstreaming, as René Pfister writes (see below), is due to the perceived necessity of government coercion to change men and women. Evidently, the gospel of feminism lacked the power to change people’s hearts, to affect their deepest desires.

Radical feminism cannot even affect the hearts of most women!

As the progenitor of this movement, Simone de Beauvoir, put it, “Women should not have that choice [of staying at home to raise children], precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one.

Instead of acknowledging the bankruptcy of their view of mankind, the profoundly mistaken view of human nature they hold to, feminists have followed their leader in embracing coercion. Finally they have attained the political conditions necessary to authorize compulsion, the use of force to make people be the way they wanted them to be.

de Beauvoir knew force was required

for her cause.

So this post is about the lengths the German government will go to to indoctrinate children against their wills and to punish parents who refuse that indoctrination. Again from the 2006 “Der Spiegel” article:


Sabine Hark

Der Spiegel—”Gender mainstreaming is a response to the complaint of many feminists in the nineties that traditional methods of promoting women were not sufficient. Therefore, gender mainstreaming efforts should now be urgent actions in all areas of public life; they want it to be in the “mainstream” of government action and in doing so men must also give up power and influence. “Gender mainstreaming” is a project, “that calls into question the privileges of men as a social group,” says Sabine Hark, one of the leading gender theorists in Germany.”

Wherever a certain “faith” about human needs and human nature combines with government, which is to say force, bloodshed always results. It will in Germany, too. Already, the precursor to bloodshed, fines and coercive imprisonment, are being employed.

As the famous American champion of liberty, Roger Williams, put it nearly four centuries ago, enforcing such beliefs results inpersecution for cause of conscience.” In light of this, a remarkable phenomena has not made worldwide news, or hardly even been noticed by the mainstream media in Germany. It is part of a larger issue.

The force of the state is now behind the transformation of mankind, even if it includes mental and emotional assaults on pre-school children.

FAZ—”The goal is very lofty — it is nothing less than the creation of the new man and that by the destruction of the “traditional gender roles.” Even just for this reason, “sex” as a compulsory concept must be replaced with “gender.” And if possible the mental gender transformation is supposed to start in the daycare center.”

Gender transformation is the juncture where radical feminism, compulsory education, and early sexualization come together in a gross plan to alter human nature.

Human innocence is to be assaulted and destroyed at the hands of the state: forced, compulsory, early sex education.

Having crossed over what is referred to in Germany as “the shame boundary” the human pysche is opened for further insertions of the “new truths.” The hope is that the destruction of the children’s innocence will cause the “new man” to spring forth. And what will he be like?

The universal guiding principle is very simple: “If you do not like it, we will use force.” So. . .

Is it Compulsory Education

or the

Compulsion to Control?

That the nation of Germany will compel its citizens to send their children to school by force the whole world knows.1 That it will imprison parents for not sending their children to early sexualization classes (pre-kindergarten through grade school) is not known, but it is happening.

April 24, 2014

On this day, Anna Wiens was arrested: she has to serve eight days coercive detention2 in the prison Gelsenkirchen.


Die JVZ Gelsenkirchen Foto: dpa

The reason: Her son refused to participate in the school sex education; the parents did not force him to go to his lessons; they respected their son’s right to privacy.

April 7, 2014

On this day Arthur Wiens was imprisoned, and his wife was also facing a prison sentence. (Obviously, this was enforced.) The harsh coercive sentence is not intended to ensure essential skills such as reading, writing and mathematics for the next generation. What is being forced on these parents and their beloved children is vulgar, school taught “sex education”.

November 15, 2013

With a hurried message the Christians of Geseke spread the news about the arrest of Edward W. and David T. from the communities Geseke and Niederntudorf. They had previously admitted that their sons had not participated in the sex education of their school and then not paid the fine imposed. They refused to force their sons to submit to this indignity.

On this day at about 7:30 a.m.  Edward W., father of 9 children, was unexpectedly arrested by police officers from Paderborn and taken for 8 days in prison in Bielefeld. The police officers had even threatened to take the wife and the children for the duration of the detention in a home.


Prison in Bielefeld

On the same day was also David T., deacon of the congregation Niederntudorf and father of eleven children, was picked up by police from Salzkotten and also brought for eight days to the prison Buren.


Prison in Buren

Many more such coercive detentions could be written about. We have experienced them in the past over the schooling issue. See the post, “You cannot change a true conviction with fines and imprisonment.” It is a long-standing tool of the German government. Perhaps such detentions will stop, but how can they as long as there is resistance to such plans to make a new man…at such a cost to human dignity?


  1. The recent decision concerning the Wunderlich family is an encouraging sign in the opposite direction. See the post, “A German Anniversary.”
  2. Erzwingungshaft