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Levi, Shama, and Hadashah

For over a year our children have been kept, together with other children of our community, from us, although there is no basis for such a hurtful and traumatic measure.

We, as parents, as well as our children, have since that day gone through immense suffering.

On the day of the taking into custody both children were examined and no official medical evidence of child endangerment were found in them. In other words, there were very healthy and happy children! We fully expected to get them back on the same day. Why did we not?

We want to give you a glimpse of how it really has really gone with our children since the taking into care. One might say that it is good for our children, but we can not confirm this as a parent. The opposite is the case. Everyone is aware that children who are separated from their parents must undergo great suffering. And the longer the separation, the greater is the sustained damage caused to the child’s soul. For this reason, the legislature has determined that the separation of the child and parents may only be a last resort. And this only after consideration of proportionality.

But this has never happened in our case. Until the day of our children were taken into care by the youth welfare office; the Jugendamt had not known and never contacted us. (We lived in the Community in Wörnitz.) Our children were up to this day well cared for and happy. Therefore, there was no justification for this action. However, it is undisputed and clear that the Jugendamt (youth welfare office) has kept our children because of our affiliation with the Twelve Tribes Community in Klosterzimmern.

However, the German and the Bavarian law states:

The mere membership of parents in a small religious community that does not belong to the mainstream … – what some call a sect – is not a legitimate reason to deprive them of custody of their child…

The Youth Welfare Office has made it clear that we, as parents, have to renounce our faith (which prompted us with our friends to live in community)  to get our children back. Comments like: “We would recruit our children for this subculture”, show what it is really about. But what’s so wrong with believing in the Bible and living a life in harmony and friendship with other believers?

Post2-headerbildWe live in an open, transparent life and learn to keep a good conscience. Like all other citizens, we pay our taxes and add value to our society. I am a member of the volunteer fire department of Deiningen for 10 years, for example.

If the youth welfare office were really interested in the welfare of the children, then they would not have these traumatized them a second time (with the December 9, 2013 raid), but would have from the outset (before the September 5, 2013 raid) been in a dialogue with us as parents. (See below.)

The first three months – after the raid in Klosterzimmern on 09/05/2013 – I spent with my distraught and traumatized children (by the taking into custody) in a parent & child facility. With much love and warmth I tried to comfort the children as best I could in order to catch the violent intrusion into their normal and peaceful life and to give their little souls stability. It was not easy, as they had been deprived of their father, their friends, and their idyllic environment. Both miss this life to this day very much and want nothing more than to get back home.


Shama and his little sister, Shalomah.

The reports of the educationally and psychologically trained staff in the home certify that I am a warm, loving and caring mother who sees and meets her children’s needs. And yet the Youth Office held that it was necessary to perform an even worse and painful measure.

After three months in the mother-child institution in Dürrlauingen, the Youth Office met with the police again early in the morning, when the children were asleep, and snatched (literally) the children away from their mothers. This happened again with excessive force and without regard to the already traumatized children, and despite the fact that the children were at this facility under supervision 24 hours of the day. It also seemed to play no role that the teacher of the primary school, as well as the educator of the facility always had nothing but good things about the mother-child relationship between us.

The opportunity was not given me to make a medical transfer in relation to dealing with the strong diabetes disease of our son. It would have been absolutely necessary to pass on the individual rules of motion adaptation, a spray plan, corrective reactions to insulin, etc. That this gave me no way, is irresponsible from a medical point of view, what we have confirmed in writing by our diabetologists. Here the health of our son was knowingly put at risk. Our children were seized by the authorities that day a second time, and as criminals transported in separate cars.

Post3-DayOfRaid-PolizeiIt is for us as parents difficult to understand why was this done to our children, this re-traumatization, mainly because they were already in the facility under the supervision and at no time “was there imminent danger.” At no time.

Hopeful words, Empty promises

I remember exactly how the competent employee from social services visited my children a few days before the second taking into custody. Shama and Shalomah were excited to receive a guest. In character both are very open-minded, social, and lively. They had prepared tea and biscuits and we were all hopeful. The conversation was nice and pleasant and gave us no hint, by the sound of it, of all that was to come.

Two days before this second taking into custody the guardian at litem came to visit Shama. My boy brought a lot of pictures from his past life to the interview. With great enthusiasm he told and he explained the pictures. After the visit, she said to the teacher who was on duty that day: “The boy will no doubt go home.”

A month before Mr. S. had promised the youth office Donau-Ries, in the presence of the Head of the Mother and Child Clinic, that there will be no more cloak and dagger operations. The guardian of our children promised us that our children would have the best possible medical care if our children were separated from my wife. Both promises were not fulfilled!


Shama feeding the kids (baby goats).

My then eight-year-old son Shama was brought crying and traumatized to a home to Thuringia, four hours away, far away. Put yourself in the situation of my son, who was carried away from his mother and went with complete strangers for hours to a place he had never before heard or seen in his life – what a shock to the child!


Shalomah showing us the onion she picked!

Our daughter, who was paralyzed with fear and made no sound, was transported to another place and only after six weeks could they get a sign of life. With every phone call and after each visit tears flow and Shalomah asks: “Why can not I go home? Do you take me with you? Abba and Imma, I want to go you. Where is my brother? “

As educators and caregivers in the facility did not receive sufficient information about our son, and the mental stress did the rest and his sugar values went crazy. The values went up and down, which was a great strain on his health. Only after being hospitalized weeks later, did his blood sugar level regulate to some degree. The blood glucose levels are still generally kept too high. Here you do not blame the educators or institution in this regard. How should an educator who is responsible for a whole group of children ensure the same care as his own mother, who is home all day to take care of her children.

The Youth Office will obviously not treat us the way other families are because they are influenced by the press, by dropouts, and by sect commissioners. Especially the so-called cult experts openly admit that they did not know the people living in the community personally. They did not know the families personally. They have their information from internet searches and dropouts of our community. For me it is hard to understand why you listen to people who get their information from second or third hand. In contrast, qualified persons such as religion professor Ms. Susan Palmer, who studied the communities of the Twelve Tribes for more than 25 years, and has even taken the trouble to live in different communities, are simply ignored.


Hadashah, Shalomah, and Levi

For over a year now they keep trying to legitimize the extreme measure of 05 September 2013. The Jugendamt lets all exculpatory information about us go unnoticed. Most of the so-called sect commissioners are members of the large state churches and are therefore biased against our community of faith. Together with the media (RTL & Co) working together with dropout give again distorted and one-sided views of our life in the community that can not be transferred to our family.

Perhaps the law requires for this reason:

The enjoyment of civil and political rights, eligibility for public office, and rights acquired in the public service are independent of religious denomination. No one from his membership or non-membership of a confession or a conviction shall suffer prejudice to his person. (Art. 33, paragraph 3 of the Basic Law)

No one has the right to judge the religion or belief of another. This is enshrined in law. The reason is that nobody can be a competent witness to the religion of his neighbors. This is perfectly logical, but in our case, this law is not applied. In reality, it is our belonging to the Twelve Tribes that is the only reason we have been robbed of our children.