Every Friday from 6:00 o’clock to around 9:30 or 10:00 we celebrate the beginning of the Sabbath with music, dancing and a pleasant meal. To this celebration, you are invited! We look forward and are happy to have guests interested in our community life. You can visit, write or call us at any time. We are still in the Ries* and our doors are open to everyone – for a few hours, a day or forever.

Here is a little taste:


We are people from diverse backgrounds who live and work together and share everything we have. Although we are very different, we have this in common: we could not find fulfillment or make any sense of our lives alone, without our Creator. Our days are now filled with caring for each other and how we live is like the bees; always for the common good. We learn to trust again and become true friends. Together we hope to establish a new culture – the Kingdom of God here on earth.

And the same invitation goes for every place we live!

*Note, the Ries is the district where Klosterzimmern is, in Bavaria, the southernmost state of Germany.