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LeviSpeakingDonauworthWe want to give you the opportunity to hear our side, because you have all the right to make an objective view. This will unfortunately be denied [us and you] by the public media, who bring over 14 months repeatedly falsified, slanderous reports, largely based on the testimony of two dropouts families. They have fueled a real cult hysteria.

Maybe one or the other of you have ever wondered why all these reports are so one-sided and that you can not hear anything positive or any exculpatory information from the Community. Yes, that’s a good question. That surprises even me: what are the real motives behind such propaganda? Much information is unfortunately actually withheld. Or do you know why no one has reported that all 40 children were officially, medically examined on the day of taking into care and none of these children — no evidence, not even clues — were found that would confirm  child endangerment?

HadassahAndSonAtMarketIn other words, the children were all very healthy — physically and mentally. They were happy, balanced children who were forcibly abducted and taken from their parents, that has now lasted 14 months, kept away from their beloved parents, friends, acquaintances, relatives, the whole environment in which they grew up.

Every four to six weeks employees of the Youth Office visit at the farm. ‘We’re seeing there happy, well-behaved and developed age-appropriate children who cling to their parents,’ Kanth said.

Quote of the youth office (Jugendamt) manager Mr. Kanth April 18, 2013 (before the children were taken into state custody).

Where, dear citizen, is the child’s well-being [in all this], as provided in the first place? But you know nothing about it. It has also not made ​​known unto you, that [we have] for example countless, probably hundreds of medical bills to disprove these allegations, that we would deny our children medical care. They are flatly refuted [by the facts].

LeviMakingSomethingWithBoysIf there are now quite clear evidence that this is not true, why do you continue to give these dropouts and their testimonies so much weight? Why, dear citizens, are all the letters to the editor of the people that have seen our children and parents and truly knew us when we were still together, why they are not published?

HadassahWithChildrenAndGoatsIt may be that you do not want the practices of the authorities to be criticized. Can it be that we are uncomfortable [to others] simply because we want to live in obedience to the Word of God — because we had a private school? I myself do not know the answers, but I am shocked by this character assassination that I experience – that we know – although we really should not be surprised!

In the Bible in Matthew 5:11-12 such is exactly written:

Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

So it has happened for the past 14 months – and actually even longer – that the dropouts have put these slanderous rumors in the world. But what are the consequences?

The consequences are frightening: We can no longer be at the weekly market to which we went for years, not even the Christmas market and the city wall festival and other events that are actually owed ​​to the public, yes. Before, our participation was not a problem, and I believe we should not be denied – according to the Basic Law – because of our faith. But unfortunately this is the case here. And it goes on. We are in many ways discriminated against because of our faith. We get threats, one wishes us that we would be “gassed or buried”…

We lead a transparent life. We have nothing to hide. We never hid in any way. We have a good conscience in this regard and we will continue to be there for your questions. You can visit us. You can get to know our life and it is a lie that we cut ourselves off. We are active in the fire service, the Red Cross, the machinery ring, at other public events, and our commitment has always been to make contact with our neighbors.

Please think about it, do not let yourself be seduced [by the lies]!