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hermann_06-september-2014From Levi’s wife, Hadashah

I am thankful that Levi and I had the opportunity to take his father into our home about six months ago. We could make his last months to live as comfortable as possible as he had cancer.

Hermann‘s life was shaped by a lot of suffering and pain. He was quite neglected and lonely when we took him on.

It takes a community to manage an undertaking like this. We are so thankful for our brothers and sisters who enabled this. Everyone gave his part to give Hermann the assurance that he was loved and wanted.

An amazing characteristic of his is that despite pain and suffering he never complained. Levi‘s father made it easy for us to take care of him. He was always so thankful for everything. Up to his last days he would fix his bed every morning and keep his room tidy. Now I know where my beloved husband got his wonderful heart from to always remain thankful even in hard times and why he has the remarkable feeling for order and cleanliness that he does.

Hermann was a breaker in our tribe. He was the first of our parents that we took on in our midst in order to give him the last honor. He enhanced our life and became dear to our hearts.

His ex-wife Edith, Levi‘s mother, was deeply touched and expressed her thankfulness for us over and over again.

Levi and Hadashah