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My name is Besorah Schott and I’m 15 years old.

Abiyahs1 I was born and raised in the Twelve Tribes. There I enjoyed a happy, peaceful life together with my family. I always felt loved and protected by my parents.

My sisters and I went to our private school in Klosterzimmern. A school psychologist came every six months1 in order to perform tests and was always very satisfied with our average to above-average learning progress.

On September 5, 2013, came the terrible experience — the beginning of a seemingly eternal nightmare. My sisters and I and all the other children of our community were torn at 6 clock in the morning by at least 100 policemen and Youth Office staff (Jugendamt) out of our loving environment.

Schott_03 In the district office Donauwörth we were examined from top to bottom, but the charges against my parents could not be proven: there were no signs of abuse to see. But that did not matter!

Nevertheless, another little boy (8 years old) and my sisters and I were transported together to a home near Augsburg.

We were only allowed to see our parents again after 7 long weeks. I had to hold out for 3 month and could then go back to my parents’ home. But the other children – my sisters – must still go through this suffering – and that suffering should not be theirs! None of the judges of the children are important enough [to change anything] and no one listens to the children.


Your honor Frau Roser,

I ask for your understanding.

Listen to your conscience.

Please let us go home.

I am 12 years old and can decide what I want to do by myself; I’m old enough to listen to my conscience!!!

Please let us be there at least by Sukkot. Beginning of October.

The festival is the most beautiful and most important for me. Just the same for my little sister.

You can not separate our family!!!


I cannot endure here any more!

Chaninah Schott

My desire is that the children will be heard!

I wonder why all believe the lies — or maybe not all. There are some who know us personally and do not believe the lies. But still too many believe the lies!

I hope that the people of the truth and believe us young people who have grown up here.

Abiyahs-3 I grew up in the Twelve Tribes, and I can tell you that this is not the truth, what is being said about us. If it was the truth that I had been abused, then I would never want to go back to my parents’ home.

Please hear us and please help us!

Anyone who has the heart to stand up for these children who can write, for example, letters to the judge or others who could help — whatever.

I have another question for you:

I always thought that children have the right to live at home with their parents in safety and that they have the right to be loved by their parents — but what I have experienced [since 5 September 2013] was different.

UN Children’s Rights Convention Article 12:

Children have the right to be heard in all matters that affect them directly or through a representative. The views of the child must be given due weight in accordance with the age and maturity.


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  1. From the post, “Open Letter to Herr Kanth“: Mr. X, school psychologist, mentioned in your presence again and again – and even to our children that the school was the most pleasant place in Klosterzimmern. The children were for him – as you well know – always willing and ready to show him what they had learned. They were eager to show him. All these things were clear in his semi-annual school reports to the Ministry of Culture.