Our children were shipped and transported in company cars of the District Office Donau-Ries on 09.05.20131 They went without breakfast, and only had the clothes they had on their bodies.

abiyahs-1Our fundamental rights have been attacked not only here, but their very essence removed. Can it be that a religious community is losing its fundamental individual rights on the basis of affiliation?2 Is not every person  equal before the law?

Is there really a purpose – for an authority that makes the child’s welfare its highest goal – to destroy an intact and happy family without being previously aware of the actual facts?

The officials were badly deceived bad or did they intentionally act with the motive to destroy an “inconvenient” group of people?

After our children were immediately all officially examined medically and not a single ill-treatment was found — why were they not all immediately brought back home to their parents? Why did they keep them and why do the authorities now try to find evidence that would actually justify this inhumane theft?

There is no evidence of child abuse, because our children were never abused!

How is it that you do not believe my daughters, but draw hair-raising conclusions that have absolutely nothing to do with the truth about my family?


They may write a letter every week. In each letter, they speak of their desire to come back home as soon as possible! You want to go home and not give up hope.


Dear Abba, Dear Ima,

I miss you. Sometimes I think I can’t handle it any more not seeing you. I hope we can come home soon.

It was so nice on Friday. Even though I was not at home, I had a nice birthday.

I’m looking forward to the next visit.

I hope the gifts are nice.

I look forward to calling you on Monday.

Your Chaninah


My daughter Chaninah writes (in the following letter), for example:

Nothing can destroy a father and his daughter. We need to endure together, even if we  can not live together, we are connected in the Spirit.


Dear Abba,

It was so nice to see you on Friday. I miss you very much. I hope we can come home soon. Nothing can destroy a father and his daughter. We have to endure together, even if we cannot live together, we are connected in the Spirit. What did you do on the weekend? I did not do anything special. On Saturday we played games together.

On the basis of their letters you can clearly see that our daughters have a strong, loving bond with their ​​family and that it is very hurtful to them to now no longer live with us.

Countless Petitions of our children to the authorities were not even answered, which leaves the children the clear impression of not being heard. We were accused of having abused our children, but the subject of punishment was completely twisted.


I want to go home!

I can’t handle it any more.

Please understand me. Without my parents I can’t live.

You can’t just take me away from my parents; this goes against the law.

I will not give up till I am home.

I was doing the best by my parents.

Let me go home!!

Thank you so much,

Chaninah Schott

11 years old

Illegally acquired, manipulated footage of the controversial station RTL has been cited as evidence. The announced release of these recordings was used as a means of pressuring the authorities to bring them into action against our community.

camera-pressureRTL Reporter Wolfram Kuhnigk with Jugendamt leader Herr Kanth.3

(Screenshot of RTL report of September 9, 2013.)

In the “report” it is clear that the RTL reporter Wolfram Kuhnigk blackmailed the Jugendamt (youth welfare office) director with his film shooting in front of the camera and required action by making it clear that this “report” was going to be broadcast in any case. The plan totally paid off and you have slandered us worldwide as a “spanking sect”. The scenes taken out of context do not show the true relationship between mothers and children.

We love our children and are trying to educate them to become righteous people. This also means that we set limits for them, which gives them security and satisfaction.


My daughter in the children’s home.

Do you think it is actually a matter of the welfare of the children?




  1. See the posts, “Eye Witness Account of the Raid of 5 September 2013, “District Office Donauwörth, 5 Sept 2013: behind closed doors,” and “The Raid on the Community in Klosterzimmern Report from an Eyewitness.”
  2. Guilt by association in other words; in this case, guilt by association with a religious group. Such treatment clearly violates the fundamental law of Germany, Articles 3 and 4.
  3. To Kuknigk’s left is Sabine Riede of Sekten-Info Nordrhein-Westfalen, a state-funded anti-cult group!