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On the 5th of September 2013 we were brought to the administrative county office whereSarah they did some sort of a medical checkup.1 Then we waited for many hours and one by one the children were taken to either foster homes or orphanages. It was such a nightmare! After a hot discussion with the officials of the Jugendamt it was decided that I could go together with one of my friends so we were put in a car together. A two hour drive later I saw a few buildings surrounded by high walls, and a church building with Jesus hanging on His cross. It looked like a Christian prison! Sure enough they drove us into this “prison” and I felt like dying right there.2 Next we found ourselves in one of the apartments in a big building, watched over like criminals. We had no idea where we were and what was going to happen. We were not allowed to go outside, except when we went to eat lunch and that only under close supervision. We basically were not able to do anything on our own, except use the bathroom and take a shower.

After 9 long days we were able to call our parents for 10 minutes for the first time and it was only after 5 long weeks that they could come for a visit. The pain of separation that I experienced out  there, was incomparable to anything I have ever experienced. After three long months I was finally allowed to return. I am soo extremely happy to be back home. Nothings greater than to finally be back home with my parents and friends. It is at the same time though so painful to know that all of the other children are still out there, longing to come back home. I just wonder if the judge will finally listen to the cry of all those desperate children and let them come home!


Sarah was released after three months in captivity!


Her story comes from the pamphlet that you can download:









Arbitrary State Rule in Germany 2013/2014

  1. Which showed that the children were healthy, normal, and not abused! But what difference did that make? See the post, “Abused Children? Not by us!
  2. It was the same prison Chassidah Markeli was taken to. See her imma’s (mother’s) letter, “Such an amazing heart.”