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I do not want to give up my dream that it is humanly possible to live for each other.

A life of love – where one supports the other, at any time, according to his gifts —

a life where we learn to overcome our selfish nature. This is the kind of life I have found with the people of the Twelve Tribes — so that’s where my home is.

tamim01In this community, I got married 4 1/2 years ago. After one year of marriage,  a beloved son was born to us, a truly desired child, who we were happy to take care of day and night.

On September 5, 2013 my dream was abruptly shattered. A large contingent of police and social workers arrived at 6 o’clock in the morning, like a riot squad. They raced on our beautiful estate and raided the houses.

psoWe were herded together in the living room, where they read out the message of the temporary withdrawal of custody for our children.

We had to have a photo taken with a number in hand. This was my first contact with the authorities, the youth welfare office (Jugendamt). I had to pull my son out of sleep and just leave!

We had to have a photo taken with a number in hand. This was my first contact with the authorities, the Youth Welfare Office (Jugendamt). I had to quickly wake up my son and just hand him over!

On the same day, my son was examined medically at the District Administration. He showed no signs of abuse, he was in perfect health. My son was 2 1/2 years old. Since he was still being breastfed, my wife was initially allowed to stay with him.


After 3 months in the parent-and-child ward of a large young people’s home, he was also violently separated from her. We did not know where he was going, how he was doing, or what he was told about us. Six long weeks passed before we were allowed to see him for the first time for an hour at the district administration. Then we were allowed to see him every three weeks in a neutral place for one and a half hours. Meanwhile, it’s every two weeks for one and a half hours. The visits are always monitored.

Our beloved son is in a foster home and the actions of the authorities and judges make it clear that they have been seeking nothing other than a separation from the onset. We ended up in this situation due to years of slander. The culmination was that RTL reporter Wolfram Kuhnigk secretly crept [into our homes] to film us. His intention was to deliberately make a terrible movie about us and not to do objective reporting.

We all know the effects that are available to the movie making industry today to achieve a desired effect. We know the propaganda movies of days gone by. Please form your own views in your heart. We continue to hope that the authorities will be able to admit their mistake!


We are here today because we are very hurt in our human dignity, and because we do not want the same thing to continue to happen to other people in Germany. We want human dignity to be very important again in Germany.

Mr. Rößle, we want our children returned to us, the children our Creator has entrusted to us; it is the natural right of parents to raise them.

And hear her speech, too (not yet translated).


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