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hannah-7 Hello, I’m Hannah.

When I was five years old, I moved with my family into the Community of the Twelve Tribes. I am very grateful to my parents that they made this decision. My childhood in the Community is a wonderful memory for me. It was exciting to grow up with so many friends. Our life was never bored or lonely. We have a meaningful life. With us there is always something going on, something to do.

JesseGoodmanI have always liked to help. It was not that it was, “Work, work, work.” For example, if we helped in the garden, it was always a sociable time, because we do everything together. Together – alongside each other – each work is a joy. I am glad that the adults have children always involved with them; they took time to teach us things. We were needed just as we were, and it was not that our our parents did not care. I have always been cared for and always felt safe with my parents.

My greatest joy was that I still got a second sister after nine years. We had waited so long for it. I loved her so much and I was so happy to care for her. I was looking forward to be able to teach her many things and to see how she grows.

At the MSR

Taken three times by the police

The entire police force and fear (ever since 5 September 2013) was so bad. Three times she was taken away by the police and is now experiencing strict surveillance, intimidation and pressure – she has no confidence. It makes me sad to see her maybe once a month at the orphanage, as she is neglected, especially in her soul. I see their pain, because I know them and know how it was before. It makes me sad that she does not experience the same warmth and comfort, as I do, that they have to experience so much pain, fear, isolation, and uncertainty so young. Although you get food, clothes and school, but she needs her parents!

hanna-6I wish nothing more than that my little sister and all the children who were separated from their parents for no reason can grow up in the warmth and love of their parents, as I did. These children have parents and families who love them. They do not belong in children’s homes. They are not orphans or abandoned children, but desired, beloved children of parents.

We were brought up to respect authority and support. I’ve always heard as a child that police protect us from evil people and that I must have no fear, if I have a good conscience. I believed that judges must judge impartially and would keep their word. I believed that the Constitution means something and that there is religious freedom. But for 14 months, I am shocked at the corruption in Germany. Again and again we are disappointed and wake up to reality.

hannah8I hope that many can wake up to the reality of our German system and worry about it. It could happen to you! Who sleeps in democracy wakes up in tyranny. Please, do not wait until it’s too late.


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