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I grew up in Vienna, in an “old school” home with a lot of warmth and security. I have learned to make the most of my life and I knew deep down that all the time I wanted to pass on [good things] to my children. That was the meaning, for me, of my life. I wanted what she had taught me, to love my parents and my young life, to pass on one day to my own children. What else should I have learned all this for?” I asked myself.

As I grew older, I no longer asked myself this question about the meaning of my life – and my only reassurance was that I knew there were others still who were much worse off than me. So the years passed – I had to adjust myself and perfect the rules of the game – but a slight resignation deep inside my heart remained in me and so did the desire for family .

20 years ago I met the Community of Twelve Tribesat a time when my life left me no more illusions about a bright future. And this life has fascinated me so much that I became a part of the community. I found an amazing lifepeople who would not part but be together and every day being better friends.

We believe in God and live together like the first disciples in Jerusalem. The loving and respectful dealings with each other that I was able to experience has really impressed me. The Bible is the guide to our lives and it has pleased me very much, just as a matter of course, how everything is implemented. I live together with happy people, people who learn everything new and who are real with each other. People who no longer have to put their masks on when they go outside the home — people who learn to have confidence in each other—which opens slowly.

Now the full number of those who believed were of one heart and soul, and no one said that any of the things that belonged to him was his own, but they had everything in common. (Acts 4:32)

Truly desired children!
I married late – not because no nice young men were there in Vienna, but because I wanted to marry the right person – the one for which I was created! Our marriage has been blessed with three wonderful daughters – truly desired children!

Together with my husband we have found in Klosterzimmern a wonderful environment to raise our children. Located in the countryside and surrounded by true friends we had all the requirements together to lead a simple, godly life. At last my heart’s desire fulfilled and I could pass on to my children what I had already learned in my life.

Schott_02We are all on a journey

— a path that will lead us into eternity — and we all know that what we do has consequences. If we have not learned as children, then at least as an adult life teaches us that there are consequences — for everything we do and everything we have not done. This applies to every man and every man knows this deep down — whether he has now studied or not, whether he grew up in Africa or in Germany.1

September 5, 2013, our happy family was suddenly destroyed…

as a hundred riot police stormed our houses at dawn and countless social workers filled our yard.2 They drove us to the common living room and read us the terrible news.3 They accused us that we had abused our children and the custody of our children was temporarily removed from us. With a number in hand, we had to have our photos taken, as felons. To show our ID was not allowed.


My children being taken from my husband and I on September 5, 2013.

Despite the great shock, we were sure that by the next day everything would clear up at the latest and our children would come back, because we had a good conscience.4

The true child abuse

7 long weeks passed until we allowed to see our daughters for the first timeand only for a short time under heavy guard with precise instructions on what topics we should not talk to each other. The true child abuse began on 5 September 2013 and continues to this day. We all suffer the consequences and apparently no one hears our cry for justice.

My daughter’s letter to her judge is one such cry.


Your honor Herr Rößle,

I plead with you that this letter will be considered.

I want to go home!

The Jugendamt wants to convince me and tell me that I am doing better here in the home than at home. This is a lie! I can not live without my parents! This destroys something in my soul, when I am separated from my parents.

This also goes against the law! Because in the law it says that children have the right to live with their parents. I want to go home again. I won’t give up, as long as I am not at home. The best place from my whole life was with my parents. I know this! I will hold on to this hope, that we will come home! I want to make it clear to you that I want to go home!

Many greetings and thank you very much,

Chaninah Schott

However, One listens to her, to all these cries and that is our Creator – the One who has a plan for all people and will turn everything to the good for those who love Him. But God is not mystical. He loves that His highest creation, people, would reflect His image. He needs honest hearts that can hear Him and who are brave enough to do what He lays on their hearts.

Can you hear his voice?

Do you have the courage to hear his voice?

Do you want to help our children be released again?

Do you want to help it be that unity and justice and freedom remain not only a beautiful melody of the National Anthem?


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  1. See articles on “The Three Eternal Destinies of Man” for more on this.
  2. Employees of the Jugendamt.
  3. We felt as if we were being herded like cattle: see the post, “Eye-witness account of the Raid of Sept. 5, 2013.”
  4. That very day medical exams revealed what we already knew, that our children were healthy and not abused. See the post, “My fellow citizens.” This was broadcast to the German people, too, by the Jugendamt, but it made no difference.