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Proceedings Against the children of the Twelve Tribes Community


Sixteen children still in state captivity. Download “Arbitrary State Rule in Germany 2013/2014.”

Our Story

For 14 years we have been living on our beautiful farm at Klosterzimmern in Bavaria. Our community life is based on our faith in God’s word as it is written in the Bible. We want to wholeheartedly follow His Word.

Our Story

It is part of our religious belief to educate our children in God’s ways. Because our education is not supported at the public school, we teach them at home. This is for us a difficult situation, because in Germany statutory schooling can be fulfilled only in state-approved schools.

But do we no longer have to obey God? He has given us our children and He will one day hold us accountable for the manner of our education. We respect the authority of the state (the Guardian Office” of the state) and want to obey the laws of this country, but in this case it is clear for us a conflict of faith.

In the years 2002 – 2004, therefore, there was a clash between the authorities and us. We received fines, had to go to court, our possessions were seized, and our children were forcibly brought to school. Lastly imprisonments were imposed against the parents. We remained in the hope that Germany would give the necessary space for our life.

And, indeed! Our prayers were answered. There was a change of staff in the Ministry of Education and the Office of Education. They found a way that allowed us to establish a school

In 2006, our private school was founded and in the next seven years a positive working relationship with the school authorities took place. Twice a year our children were tested for their services to ensure that they are well informed and that there is compulsory education at our school.

VisitOfSchoolOfficialsEverything went well until a dropout decided to trouble us. A negative report in a magazine put us in a bad light. The officials with whom we had had for years an open and friendly relationship, suddenly came towards us with a lot of suspicion. Then we sat down with officials at Classroomseveral meetings together and agreed to a health and psychological examination of our children. All investigations did not confirm any media accusation, but nonetheless we were still further accused.

On 5 September 2013

SprinterVansOn September 5, 2013 using a large raid the state took all 34 children in our faith community into their care. For a year now the media has reported of allegations of violence, allegations of beatings, allegations of abuse”
in connection with the loss of custody of our children.
SprinterVans2But the truth is that in the day of taking into state custody, in the district office, an official medical investigation was
carried out immediately and found no abused children! The judges and staff of the competent youth welfare office knew the individual families, but unfortunately, before the violent taking away had not  contacted them personally. NEVER.

GatheredPolice-1-KLZThey kept looking meanwhile to somehow prove these allegations. The reports of the school psychologist, who over a period of seven years had created performance assessments of student in Klosterzimmern, were also ignored.

And then after many months of separation from parents and children and rigorous monitoring of all contact, they try to find out psychologists to see GatheredPolice-2-KLZwhether the children would be damaged under the education of their parents. They seek to draw conclusions as it they had not been previously informed about the status of children.

Follow-upRaid-ShemariyahOne has seen the RTL feature film, in which the youth office (Jugendamt) manager even appeared. The government director of the Ministry of Social Affairs of Bavaria called the illegally obtained recordings “evidence” of abuse. Our children are now because of the allegationsGatheredPolice-3-KLZ separated for a year against their will from their parents.

Now that our children are very traumatized, one finds gradually out that these allegations are not true.
The older children have fled from the foster-homes and institutions to their parents. Since then they have even been partly officially returned. They were housed for several months illegally in homes and foster families. They could credibly assure that they GatheredPolice-4-KLZare not abused.” The first public prosecution authorities were now set.

Meanwhile, the Family Court will now review the educational suitabilityof the parents. We know from the case Mollath and others that 95% of the court-appointed expert always advise against the defendants and for their employer” (the judge). The courts threatens the final withdrawal of custody. Can all still pretend it is still a matter of “the welfare of children“? Why has the young chief officer, the children he knows of the Klosterzimmern School, last year never personally visited to inquire about their well-being? Maybe he is ashamed now to look into the children‘s eyes that he has known personally, for the most part, for many years? And why he does not respond to their petitions that they want to go home? Or why do the officials find it so hard to admit a mistake? Inspection of the files is not granted to us by the Jugendamt — is there is something to hide?

DemonstrationOur Children set Free (or runaway)


Ten set free (and two runaway).