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An Encouraging Visit with our Children

Even though our visits are always closely monitored, and even in the difficult circumstances our family is in, we spend precious moments with our children in captivity.

AbiyahsFamilyAnd we are always very thankful for the opportunity to see our daughters Chaninah (12) and Ishah (10) at least for 2 hours every other week. We brought Besorah with us, too, our fourteen-year-old daughter, freed from captivity on December 4, 2013.

In these very short moments Chaninah told me about an incident that happened the other day. Since our main hearing in Court is at hand, the lawyer of the girls paid them a visit to question them about their well-being and desires for the future.

She [their lawyer] asked them: “Do you really want to go back to your parents?”

She seemed to be quite surprised at their response in unison, “Yes, 100%”.

Further she said, “If your parents would have left the Community already you surely would be at home already!”

Telling me this, Chaninah looked deep into my eyes and said with a very serious tone of voice – almost commanding me, “Abba, YOU DO NOT LEAVE the Community!” Even to just think this way is unheard of for them! Such a thought does not even enter their young minds!

We are so very thankful for their loyal hearts and their willingness to endure and not give up hope to come back to their people one day. May we receive them as worthy parents.

Abiyah and Rekah