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We knew them as Yathar Pore and Salem as Shalomah Simchah

This is what we wrote about their wonderful and joyful wedding in the summer of 2003, for the August entry of our InterTribal News.

DieGemeinschaftKlosterzimmernThe best news this month was how very
wonderful the wedding of Yathar Pore and
Shalomah Simchah was. Through much opposition Yathar and Shalomah shone through as victorious overcomers. We were all deeply moved to see how our beloved Yathar was given such a precious bride as Shalomah – the oldest daughter of our faithful friends Ephraim and Baruchah.

What was most outstanding about the wedding of Yathar and Shalomah was how embarrassing their love was for each other. Shalomah mobilized the whole body in the two weeks before the wedding to do things that they never thought they could do. Never had we organized a choir and an orchestra for a brides’ dance, but Shalomah had wanted to do a dance with tambourines for her king. She got help from Tamiydah shel Kefi r (and friends) in Yehudah (and other locations), and received the music and dance steps to The Marriage of the Lamb.

The first singing practice was squeaky and hesitant, but Shalomah had faith. “It’s for YATHAR! He’s going to love it! He DESERVES it!” She drew things out of the body that stimulated our love for Yathar, and our desire to give everything for our Master.

There were many children’s offerings for the king, who has been devoted to the training of our children, and for his bride who we all know as an encouraging friend to children. One could see tears on Yathar’s face as he watched those children whom he has been laying down his life for many years for dancing and singing for him with all their hearts. When the little ones laid their little paper crowns at his feet, he went and put each crown back on each little head (with Shalomah’s help), thanking them and hugging them. Our Master’s heart for us was clear.

Well, I could go on. Because of the heart of the king and of his bride who has placed herself in his hands, the whole day, from beginning to end, brought honor to our Master Yahshua.

Our houses and grounds were full with guests, friends, family of the king, many people who want to know more about us. They have a lot to think about. There was much said.

From this wonderfully amazing beginning, so much was to be hoped for. But in a short time, as Shalomah relates, things began to change in her husband’s heart. See the post, “Robert Pleyer’s (former) Wife Speaks Out, Part 1.”