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Jarash&RachelI myself have a family with two small children and I can say that I have gained a certain conviction for our lives. I know that it is the right thing. And I want to pass this life on to my children. So far it has never come about that the faith of the parents has been passed on to the third or fourth generation.1 Namely, it is very difficult to win a man’s heart, so that you share him with not only a religion but a life.

The heart of a human being is where one heart trusts another. What one says to one’s children must be the truth, so that they can trust. The heart has everything to do with the soul, the mind, the emotions, and the will. If the parents’ hearts have won the hearts of their children, than the children feel and think like their parents. They take everything from them and trust them, without doubting it or arguing against it.

Therefore it is important that the parents are one — that they agree. It is useless if the mother disagrees with the father.

Parenting begins when a child comes into the world. If the marriage from the beginning is wrong, disaster is inevitable. But when marriage creates the next generation in the community to give their hearts to the following generationthey will definitely have a higher standard for their lives. They will have it partially easier also because they know nothing else than that parents are to be a united front” so that absolute unity and peace prevails.

We all have desires and feelings — but we need to assess what are the selfish, fallen desires in us (which are not of God)but are rather the things in us that love the world. Sometimes we are, without  noticing it right, too busy with everyday work. I need to be aware that the spiritual in our lives is the most important thing over and over again — namely that we take care of our children. Without all this no other thing has worth.

Jarasch, 26 years old then (August 2013)



  1. Mostly, it is just the iniquities that have been passed on by those disobedient to His word. That is all they can pass on. Please read Exodus 20:4-6 and see. He only recognizes “love” from a human being in their obedience to Him.