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Published in August of 2013


I am convinced that this is the best place and the right way for me. I believe that everyone needs a purpose in life, and I see that it is not enough just to live for the present. It’s important that I can open up to others about the problems that arise at timesand also the weaknesses that you can talk about and [which] can be strengthened.

I live this life because it‘s about helping others. That is the alpha and omega of life. Other people who meet me, have weaknesses, too, and it is important to build them up, and not to tear them down. That I have learned here. To maintain a good conscience and to be respectful to my neighbor, it means a lot to meand that I can start my day happily with others. I feel here free and easy.

Previously, it was common for children to have continued the farms and crafts of the parents. Today this is almost no more. My parents loved and educated me in order that I could be there for others and to love others as myself. We of the succeeding generation must carry further what our parents have begun. Our life is very different  something new.
Herebiah, 23 years old