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In the post, “Anonymous, Part 2

Professor Susan Palmer’s affidavit to the court is quoted in that post about a so-called “sekt (cult) expert” and her use of anonymous accusations in her report to the court. The user is Klaudia Hartmann of the Catholic Diocese of Augsburg. However, they are used because they accomplish the overall goal of presenting “cult stereotypes”. This is what sells.

From the affadavit of Susan Palmer:

“Third, Klaudia Hartmann declares that the members of the Twelve Tribes do not go to doctors or give their children medical treatments, and mentions the cross-eyed twins. (Pingen case) Again, she has not done her research properly. It is true that while some of the Tribes members have health insurance, most do not (they are in the process of forming their own insurance company) but from this she infers that they also reject modern medicine. This is not true. The Tribes have always made a policy of consulting local doctors, and taking members to hospital if necessary. Marc Pingen submitted a stack of medical bills to the court to prove that he had frequently consulted doctors. His cross-eyed daughters have been wearing the alternating patch over the eye, which is the standard treatment for their condition. Despite these facts, and plenty of evidence, there is a pervasive myth in anti-cult circles that parents refuse medical treatment for their children. Many have had necessary operations.”

Let us consider that the Jugendamt already knew and approved of the treatment. What does it mean that still, in spite of that, the slander goes before the judge and into his records? We must note that this is how it has consistently gone against us.

from the article, “Must the court invent evidence?

As this post points out, these are quotes from official reports of visits to our homes and the very favorable impressions made on the Jugendamt workers by our children and their loving parents.

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Yesterday morning I visited the twins. They were drawing and playing around. It is conspicuous that both of the twins are physically and linguistically very well advanced already. Both have a great desire to communicate, which leads sometimes to a tumble of words. Their motor skills, e.g. upon drawing, are advanced well ahead. Therefore I have not noticed any abnormalities. Both twins are cross-eyed. But this has been treated by the parents already. The eye doctor prescribed an eye patch on one eye to be used off and on. This has been applied there by the parents for both of them. The parents Pingen are worried, if this is continuously being done by the foster family.

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When they were squabbling, it was noticeable, that quickly without hard words, a simple solution was able to be found (it was about a sharpener).

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No Delay of development or other deficits did I observe in any way. Both girls are also very open and easy to get excited, are well concentrated, e.g. upon drawing or laying a puzzle.

The twins are very receptive and life-loving. They are now barely four years old. Both of them have an expansive vocabulary and well developed fine and gross motor skills. I could detect no physical or spiritual deficits.

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As described concerning the… children their lingual understanding and general vocabulary seems to be above their age average. According to…. Both of them are already able to write down the ABC.

The children in question

Here are the twins, and some friends, in a photo taken a year ago.


From left to right: Shalomah and Shamah (Hennigfeld children), Shelevah and Ma’aminah (Pingen children).

In conclusion

So those who present typical cult stereotypes of us do not even bother or know or care that what they say has already been contradicted by government agencies. They do not care because their mission is accomplished by presenting those stereotypes, whether they have any truth in them or not. That is why they countenance anonymous reports, which could be written by anyone. There is a saying about money, in regards to the uncontrolled desire to have something: “Money is no object.”

With us, with the Twelve Tribes, it is more and more apparent that “the truth is no object.” When this attitude takes over elected officials, jurists, and social service workers, it is the ugly reality of religious persecution. It is evidence of an uncontrolled desire to destroy. But since 5 September 2013 has that ever been in question?

They even attempt to deprogram our children and alienate them from their parents. That is behind the extensive and cruel use of the “contact ban” policy.