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From August 2013

It’s important to know that I am with my God in purity and that I have lived for. It is what I have been created. The heart of our Creator you get to know by people—it’s not mystical. That’s why you need friends—people who give their heart to their Creator and His love. I can only pass on the love that has also been proven to me. For this I must have a clear conscience and know that I am pleasing to Him: how I am and what I do. This is reflected namely in my relationships. I want to share my life with others and let them know that God loves them and cares about them.

To me it is important to be close friends with someone that you are on the same wavelength with, with whom you feel needed as a person, not only in the practical work, but also mentally, where you are in the exchange and can hear each other. I do not care what work I am doing, but the relationships that I tie up with it are important to me. But that would not be if we did not have the Son of God as a spiritual role model.

I believe in Him, without Him, our lives would make no sense. He gives me hope that we can all be one and that we can be cleaned from the things that divide us. This process we experience every day. It is important to me that people feel loved – no matter where they are.

This requires a lot of humility, because in order to be one, you have to doubt yourself. I mean, you must have the freedom to express yourself, but also be prepared to hear from others and esteem them for their own opinions. You must be able to hear the heart of man, what does he really mean? If I assume that he actually has the same heart as I do, then I can listen to him.


Updated information about Tsel Shaddai

Tsel Shaddai is the oldest daughter of the Markeli family. She spoke of her pain in not hearing anything from her little brothers and her little sister in this post, “Because of the Way he was Raised.” TselAtDeiningenIt was her who was refused medical treatment by a local doctor, reminding her father of another people fading in the shadows seventy years ago. He wrote about it in, “Had they not been their neighbors after all?

It was her brother, Chayim, who spoke of “A Family Torn Apart” by the Jugendamt in the Raid. And it was her sister who wrote many moving letters to her parents and her judge, precociously wise in her words such as, “I have not been born for this place,” and “Everyone in Germany can choose his own religion and live it out? (Not  me!)” Here is a picture of that precious girl and her equally precious friend, both of whom courageously fled the oppression of foster-care.


Nechonah (riding, age 12) and Chassidah (walking, age 11)…after their escape from captivity.