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Father and Son

When I visited my son Shama last week he told me that a certain boy in his school mocks him by stealing Shama’s hair ties. My son started crying and said in his frustration that he wants to cut his hair short. I was able to tell him that I had always tried to prevent suffering from coming to his life, but that apart from suffering we will never gain the character that we need to endure in the future.

“I affirmed Shama that our Father loves and needs him. He has great plans for us and we cannot forget Him. My son’s heart was completely turned to me in this conversation. Shama was able to receive courage. I’m very thankful for our Father’s word because apart from it we would not be together.

A violence-free upbringing is what the Jugendamt promised Germany our children would receive. But they lied. They cannot promise what they do not have within their power to give, what they do not even want to give. Mockery serves the essential function of enforcing social conformity in every fallen society. Mockery is violence.

Social conformity — absolute conformity — is the very goal of the Jugendamt.


The Hennigfeld family:


The parents and their beloved son, Shama.


On their walk of faith: