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Samir_GK_p.5I am grateful that I have been trained here. I have learned a bit in different areas, e.g. how to bake bread, how to repair roofs, and how to make washing machines work again. After that I worked for two years in our carpentry company and learned how to draw technical plans and calculate building materials that would be needed.

I cared for several years for our cows and in summer harvested hay and potatoes for us. For two years I have learned a lot about growing vegetables. Today mainly oversee grain storage and distribution. In order to deal carefully with the grain, I have completed a training course in the miller school. Everything we do is for the common good of the community.

I want to carry on the heart of my parents and for my children after me to continue on how I‘ve been brought up. For me it is important not to let my love grow cold for my Creator and my friends and to preserve a good conscience. I want to be able to listen to others and to listen to our God and to not to be proud.

Samir is a son of Caleb and Yerusha Schüle.

Written in the Summer of 2013.

Samir and his brother Helez at the Shavuot festival of 2013. 2013 Shavuot 30 (sanctuary1) 2013 Shavuot 29 (parade2)

Helez has written many letters to his judges and run away from home, being released to his parents custody on January 22, 2014.