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A citizen wrote after the Round Table discussion touched him

September 28, 2014

Subject: Child Abduction of the Twelve Tribes children in Klosterzimmern

Dear Herr Commissioner Rößle,

NaturInRain2009In theNature of Rain 2009″ garden show I supervised the infocenter, and on this occasion were also some people from the Oberndorf site. In this and on other occasions, I learned that you were very popular as mayor, as a district administrator (county chief), I’ve heard less.

I run a specialty nursery in O . that is well known in Europe. Several times it has been presented on TV (Bayern 3). We have been involved in about 20 garden shows like Rain am Lech.

For me as a family man it does hurt when parents have their children taken awayI find the removal of the children of the Twelve Tribes not justified, and it has lasted for more than a year now.

The reasons for my perspective I will explain in this letter.

On September 4, 2014, I was at a public event at the Hotel Krone. The peaceful testimonies by some of the concerned youth touched me and led me to write this letter. People behaved in their time of need in an exemplary fashion — and without hatred. As you can imagine, being a parent, it is unbearable, certainly, when their children are taken from them!

Here are a few reasons that speak to me to give the children back to the parents

  1. The children want to return to their parents because they feel safest there.
  2. In children no abuse was found.1
  3. The children are in a good and healthy general condition.
  4. There is no danger for the children when they come back to the parents.
  5. In the broadcast on RTL, the children were punished with a rod, but no child was crying for real pain (which would sound different).
  6. RTL made dubious cuts of the scenes afterwards, [not showing] that the children were then taken and comforted in the arm.
  7. Once I was on a courtyard party in Klosterzimmern. On this occasion, I had only seen happy and well-behaved children. If all the children behaved so well in the country, your [job would  be] lighter (which you certainly would prefer) as District Administrator.
  8. If this high and senseless standard were applied to all children, then the Jugendamt (Social Services) would need a lot more workers. Also, they would need more children’s homes and workers.
  9. The removal of the child, in my opinion, is not in the child’s welfare, as indicated.
  10. The children suffer from the very situation and are bullied by other children as “cult children”.
  11. In Germany there is no collective punishment. So can a child be deprived of his parents because of belonging to a faith community.2
  12. Parents always make mistakes in the upbringing of children, but why is a child deprived of parents?

Mr. Commissioner, you have the delegated authority that allows you to take the role of a mediator in this case. Please seek discussions with the parents and provide them with social services. I hope for a sensible solution for all involved, especially for the children.

Just a note:

I and my family are not among the Twelve Tribes, and I have not punished my children if they say they are not tired. But as a father I know the kids say they are not tired when they are very tired. Letters like this are not my passion and I see myself in the rarest cases prompted so as to write here.

Landrat-elternzeit-rueckkehr-donauwoerth-3Y09Mr. Commissioner, I wish you and your family God’s blessing. Please answer me.

With best regards,

H. G.




  1. Reports as soon as 6 September 2013 stated this.
  2. In late 2013, our lawyer asked a very pertinent question of the German Constitutional Court. And it seems to have had an effect on the lower courts, because all of a sudden three of our youth were released. This was his question: “What this court has to decide is whether a youth, with nothing against her, can be taken from her parents, with nothing against them, simply because of their religious beliefs. Such a thing has not happened in this country since the dark days of the world war… and may it never happen again!” And it raises the legal issue of clan-guilt, known by the ugly German name of sippenhaft. And his question deals squarely with the gross illegality of the September 5, 2013 raid on our communities. Guilt is individual, not communal. We were all deemed guilty by association with one another. How tragic will be the consequences of this egregious (conspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible.) violation of human rights remains to be seen.