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September 24, 2014 Town Meeting

Last night at the round table in a restaurant in Wemding it was hot again here… first appeared surprisingly Mr. Wolfram Kuhnigk with an RTL Cologne camera crew, presumably to get new footage but this was not why we invited our neighbors to our town meeting.

A turbulent discussion ensued about controversial topicsmainly about parenting. The argument that, We live in a constitutional state, where all must obey the law,” seems to remain an insurmountable hurdle for many people.

This is easy to say and an easy and comfortable judgment against those who do not go with the flow.

Sophie SchollHow quickly we forget that state violence in the history of mankind in general, but particularly in our German history, has so often abused people who stood up for their convictions of conscience. They were persecuted with the full force of law. Sophie Scholl faced that wrath in a Bavarian courtroom. Under questioning shortly before her execution she put the issue clearly – that is, with crystal clarity:

Laws change, the conscience does not!

People are again persecuted in Germany, because they want to obey God’s commandments?

Are laws being enacted again that go against conscience?

Must sincere believers again flee from Germany?

These are the questions that we want to discuss; the questions that our stand is forcing to the consciousness of many — who wish they wouldn’t have to think about such things.

We are not fighting for a parenting method, but that there would be religious freedom in Germany and that it would be a place where human rights are respected! We want to defend the Word of God and the real question that more and more is crystallized in the custody battle for our children is the ultimate:

Can one live in Germany according to the Word of God?