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Criticism of the Jugendamt (Youth Welfare Office)

Twelve Tribes in Ansbach

Translation below of this September 20, 2014 newspaper report of our demonstration in downtown Anspach. Following that is a brief commentary on the writer’s closing thought:

If you can not live according to the Bible in Germany, the question arises, whether the families in the Community have a future here.

That is a remarkable question, is it not? Whichever way you look at it, a highly thought-provoking question.


Criticism of the Jugendamt (Youth Welfare Office)

Twelve Tribes in Ansbach

Criticism of the Jugendamt (Youth Office) and the courting of understanding dominated the demonstration of the Twelve Tribes in Ansbach at the Martin-Luther-Platz.

About 40 members of the faith community searched initially for several hours with dances, eye contact, posters, and distributing leaflets to passers in the Ansbach town center. Discussions seldom developed. Often the members of the community kept to themselves.

“In short speeches criticism of Jugendamt (youth ministry) and justice was expressed again and again. From collective loss of custody due to membership of a faith community,” said Carsten Hennigfeld (Klostzimmern). The Youth Office had chosen the hardest means with the taking into custody of the children in Wörnitz and Klosterzimmern and did not keep the principle of proportionality in mind. The Authority had previously never took a picture of our children.” There have been found no traces of abuse. The members of the Community are involved locally in clubs and had a good relationship with the neighbors,” something a couple present from Wörnitz confirmed.

“Asked about the allegations of beatings, Klaus Schüle says (Klosterzimmern): “We assumed that what we take from the Bible is not abuse before the law.” If you can not live according to the Bible in Germany, the question arises, whether the families in the Community have a future here.

If you cannot live according to the Bible

There, at last, a German, an ordinary citizen, puts the matter plainly:

Has the Bible been outlawed in Germany?

Or you could put it another way, if the state and not the parents determine how children should be raised:

Has the State taken God’s place in the lives of children?

So this is the real issue facing the German people and its representatives, elected and otherwise: the Jugendamt leader, the judges, the county chief, the state president, the members of the state and national Parliaments, and yes, even the Chancellor herself. Has people’s faith in the Bible, in its simple wisdom in raising up children in the way they should go, been forbidden?

If the choice to follow or ignore the Bible has been taken from parents, something more than freedom of religion and the treasured wisdom of the Bible has been lost in Germany. If the respect of parents in raising up the next generation is gone, too, then an ancient foundation of human existence has been thrown down.

Parental authority has been everywhere honored except in corrupt, totalitarian societies like ancient Sparta and modern East Germany.

Which way is the modern, prosperous nation of Germany tending? As an American Congressman said in 2012, this determination of who shall mold the next generations, parents or bureaucrats, is one of “inexpressible gravity:”

The truths, principles, and knowledge inculcated into the hearts 
and minds of our children dictate, more than any other human factor, 
the paradigm of America's future. One of two people will primarily 
choose the academic, philosophical and spiritual substance of what 
is placed in the hearts of a particular child. It will either be a 
bureaucrat who doesn't oftentimes even know the child's name, or a 
parent who would pour his or her last drop of blood out on the floor 
for that child.
    Our answer to the question...is one of inexpressible gravity. 
(Congressman Trent Franks of Arizona on July 18, 2012, speaking 
before the Subcommittee on the Constitution of the Committee on the 
Judiciary of the U.S. House of Representatives.)

Substitute “Germany” for “America” and you have the same issue, the same grave concern. Have German parents really handed over their children to the state? Do they realize what the state has in store for their children’s “gender identity”? (Just to pick one “Brave New World” policy at work in this fair land.)