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September 5, 2014, one year since our children were taken. . .

This day approached faster than we would have ever imagined. We wanted to let people know what was really going on in their country. For us, time has gone by so fast. . . and sometimes so slow.

Can you imagine one whole year has gone by and our children are still out there in state custody? They still want to come home! OurChildrenWantToComeHomeOne of us organized a place in Augsburg, a city one hour from us, where we could play music, dance, have a table to display Freepapers, set up banners and posters and speak over the microphone to whoever was out there. We hung up photos of our children still in captivity and many other photos of different aspects that gave a glimpse of the wonderful life that we share. (For example,“Und deine Söhne werden sein“ and “Staatliche Willkur“.)


Our Father provided the perfect spot for us. It was a square in downtown. It was close to the bus, train, and tram station, and it was close to the court and many busy roads intersecting. We were there Preparation Day and on the Sabbath to demonstrate our life and speak the truth in love (Sept. 5-6, 2014). Amazingly enough, many people did not know anything or only bits and pieces about our situation. We did get many “cold showers” from those who just did not want to give up their opinion of who they thought the Twelve Tribes were, but at least they had a chance.

A brother encouraged us that cold showers are good for your health. With that we would just go on to the next person that our Father sent along. There were surely divine appointments and some very deep conversations. Some came very critical, but after talking, especially to those who grew up here, their fears of this so called, “dangerous cult” melted away.


On the Sabbath there were a lot more people than on Preparation Day and some people joined in our were dancing; even many of their children delighted even many to hop along.

We, as the first generation, were a sure witness. There we were, the supposed “abused victims,” dancing, playing music, speaking to people and making proclamation over the
microphone.  We drove home looking forward to the next opportunity to go out. We are planning on going out every weekend to a different town. Later on we went to Ansbach on the Sabbath (September 20).