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A poem written by a mother at her daughter’s marriage

When you were born your cry of life
sounded like the nicest song on earth.
As you were growing up we saw your life unfold
like the nicest flower in the field.
When we took our walks together we shared our hearts,
we saw you grow like a oak tree – strong and straight.
We thanked our God for giving you life on this earth
and filling you with a purpose and hope.
As I saw you standing in white, shining like the spring
we knew our hearts have touched
and we cherished the time we had without regret.
Then as you were running toward your king
I heard that cry of life again – you were born for him –
the nicest song on earth has just begun.


Yes, her little girl grew up to be a beautiful woman! The wedding day was all that their hearts could hope for. It was springtime three and one-half years ago…the sun was shining…everything was so far and promising!

The wedding of Noah and Moedah

Many prayers went to our Abba for this special wedding to provide good weather, bring sincere guests and to even save someone through this wedding. If we are faithful to do our part, for sure He would cooperate… And He did. The weather was so nice, a summer day in the beginning of April, usually a month with sun, rain, wind and everything else in one day.

No man could do what our Abba did for Noah and Moedah. Just like Noah and Moedah’s daily life – warm, real and honest – that is how the atmosphere of the wedding was. There was outspokenness during the wedding, especially about the place of women in marriage. It was clearly communicated that we are in the process of learning to submit to man and care for them and the children.

Noah-MoedahNo fantasy, Moedah knows she will live for Noah, making sure he has what he needs as a willing servant. That is true freedom to live for the one you love and serve him with all your heart. Moedah was a true representation of us, the bride of Yahshua. We will be as radiant as Moedah on the day we are longing for – the return of our Master Yahshua.

The guests were so special. The morning after the wedding three young men expressed their hearts. They all want to come back to find out if what we presented in this day is reality in our daily life. Emanuel, another young man, is staying with us and it looks like he found his family and home. There were also very special guests. Roi and Rachel from Island Pond, Vermont, had been invited because they had a part in Noah’s life. He lived with them for close to a year when he was in New England almost ten years ago. Their care for him was as for their own son. Noah-Moedah-Roi

In due time they had a son, naming him Jonathan, wanting him to have the character of Jonathan of old, King David’s covenant friend. They wanted him to be a friend who would endure to the end. They saw that in order for their son to fulfill his name, they would have to rely on the strength of Yahweh, and not their own. They were so thankful to have their son in the Body of Messiah because their they can receive help. As they said, “It takes a community to raise a child.”


Noah and Moedah were good friends with many of their neighbors, one of whom was deeply affected by the quality of relationships she saw in the Community, especially between parents and children.

This is an excerpt of M.W. wrote about her friends in the Communities. She wrote it after the terrifying and traumatic raid of 5 September 2013. She is a trained family nurse, as she says:

The family of her parents was marked by a lot of understanding and affection. At the time, being a child and young teenager, this appeared to me as normal, but today I am a trained family nurse, and have worked 2 ½ years in this profession. Now, studying social work, I know that a loving family environment is not at all something to be taken for granted. In Mo-Aydah’s family and also in the other families in Klosterzimmern with whom I came in contact, I have had the privilege to experience such a loving togetherness among them.

“The kids were fearless, and as Prepubescents and Pubescents, tested the limits, the way children and teenagers just do it. When I hear now that the Twelve Tribes Community is accused of military drill of children, that is absolute nonsense and contradicts everything I have seen and experienced.

She wrote that they were “perhaps the most creative children I have met so far in my life,” and that if she had children of her own, “and would have to go for the few days to hospital, I would give my children without hesitation into the hands of my friend and her husband.

But of the professionals who know our children, who have known them for years, little to no account is taken. Noah and Moedah stand before judges to plead for their son’s return to live with them, his parents. What God has put together, this loving family, has been torn asunder by men. We pray with all of our hearts that officials and judges will find the courage to put an end to this injustice.