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Five years ago a youth chose this life freely

This is how her parents described their hopes for her. As you will read, they were prophetic words.

In the midst of our busy life, we had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate our second daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. Since we are living in another household at this time, we were especially thankful that we could spend a whole week in Klosterzimmern before the celebration.

We saw that the really important things of our life only come about through a struggle. We have to be determined and violent to take time for our children. They are so precious to us.

The more we advance as a people and increase in our faith, the more we realize our  IMG_0093neediness for our Father and our friends in the Edah. We hope for our daughter that she would come to know the lovingkindness of our Father in a deeper way and that she would always stay within the boundaries of His love.

We as parents were also very thankful for the play that our friends prepared about Abigail and Michal.

It is so important to cultivate a spiritual life, to grow into and develop a relationship with our Master. Together with our daughters we are learning to pray, to cry out, and to cut off our iniquities. It’s very encouraging and satisfying to be together with our children in the same covenant. We want to walk this path faithfully until the end. Our Master is worthy to give Him all that we have.

From Ohevi & Rachel

What would she do when forced to choose again?

Chavah grew up serving her parents, being educated, and developing the kind of character she would need to endure the tremendous spiritual assault the Raid on Klosterzimmern on 5 September 2013 was. She is known to the authorities as Eva Krumbacher, and to us simply as Havah.

She ran away twice from foster care, once to where her parents were living, in Wörnitz, and once to her grandparents home in Switzerland. (For details, see her diary, linked below.) She was violently seized and deported from Switzerland without a hearing, without a chance for her parents to appeal the ruling.

She wrote letters to her judges and to Madam Chancellor Angela Merkel. She and her parents have been lied about and slandered in national media in Germany. Through all the turmoil, which she described so well in her Diary of an Abused Girl (abused by the Jugendamt), she has remained faithful to the covenant she made with Yahshua Messiah and with her parents.

She is the one who screamed, “GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” to government officials on July 1, 2014, the day of the Third Raid.

So she has twice chosen this life!

Or you could say thrice, since she ran away twice. Finally, on November 22, 2013, Eva was released by the order of the judge. Here she is, age 17, being welcomed home.

Eva finally released!

Rachel, her mother, Eva (Havah), Ohevi (her father), and Hannah (her older sister)

So yes, Havah has come to know the lovingkindness of our God in a deeper way, and nothing in this life could cause her to keep herself outside of the boundaries of His love.

She is testimony that the bonds of love, the natural affection of parents and children who love one another, cannot be broken by the power of the state or the lies and slander of the media.

Her little sister, Merea, remains in captivity.

My beloved Merea