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5 September 2014: On the Anniversary of the Raid


Bavarian Senate

In a debate in the Bavarian state parliament on July 20, 2006 about the Twelve Tribes a State Secretary said:

That means that there is in this case only two possible actions: either imprison the mothers or send the children to a home. Sending 33 children into an institution, would mean a collective withdrawal of parental custody. There has never been a case like this in Germany so far.

An SPD (Social Democrat) member of the Parliament said on the same subject:

I would not be able to reconcile it with my conscience.

Yet one year ago on 5 September 2013 the historic moment of a collective withdrawal of parental custody had come — for the first time in the post-war era!

Johanna and friend mourning

Klosterzimmern, 5 September 2013: Neither the parents nor the children resisted the authorities. But here began the lies told by the Jugendamt to us and our children and about us that have yet to end.

A year’s review

41 children and youth from the Communities in Klosterzimmern and Wörnitz were torn from their home by the use of police force, among them one young adult guest and six children of guests of the community. They were returned significantly traumatized on the same day.


All the children and youth were examined at the district administration by a medical officer the same day. But even though no signs of abuse whatsoever were found in these children, they were taken to institutions and foster families against their wills. Before the Raid, the Jugendamt (Social Services of Germany) had never talked with the parents. So the measure was solely based on blanket allegations without any concrete proofs regarding the individual children and parents.

A threeyear Argentinian guest child was released nine days later.

A Spanish-American set of parents have been desperately fighting for a year for their custody case to be transferred to Social Services in Spain, their home country.
The father had just been in Germany due to a construction job of his Spanish company. Social Services in Spain is in agreement, but the decision is up to the District Court in Ansbach. To their sorrow they have taken the right to determine education away from the parents so that the children could be admitted into elementary school in Germany. The family does not want to stay here by any means!

Two mothers along with their infants who had been forced to live with foster parents, were allowed to join their husbands again after three months per decision of the Intermediate Court of Appeals in Nuremberg. In the meantime, two families with a total of 6 children who had been taken into custody, have recanted their beliefs to get their children back. (In the case of one family this has already been successful.)

There has been a total of 12 escape attempts from institutions, 6 of them succeeded.

Still they try to bring back into state custody two girls aged 11 and 13, respectively, by the use of police force. Nine of our children are officially allowed to be back with their parents since the court rulings have been repealed.

16 children continue to be in institutions and foster families at this time. They want to go home and express this unmistakably time and again. In countless letters of request to the Jugendamt (Social Services of Germany), the judges, the Prime Minister [head of the state government], the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and their parents they write that they want to go home again to no avail!

They simply claim that the letters had been dictated, but the strict supervision of the visits makes this impossible.

Contrastingly, the children have not written a single thank-you letter to the Jugendamt (Social Services in Germany) or to Mr. Kuhnigk for their so-called “liberation” by force. For a year now in every court hearing, the children have been voicing their greatest desire to be back with their parents.

But no one hears the desperate children.