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A publication in German: “Und deine Söhne werden sein

This is the publication referred to in a recent post, “The Word of God is on Trial,” that was handed out by two loving parents whose child was taken from them.


Klosterzimmern, September 2, 2014

Dear Friends and Neighbors and Citizens,

For the past thirteen years we have lived here in Bavaria according to our religious and moral beliefs on the idyllic estate of Klosterzimmern in Ries. We have striven to be good neighbors and build friendly relations with the people of our area. Because it is close to our hearts to give everyone the opportunity to get to know us personally, we are involved, for example, in the volunteer firefighters and the cultural events in Ries. We operate a farm shop, an information and meeting place in our old café in Nördlingen, and we have invited all interested parties to our Farmer’s Market and Hoffest as well as other festivals.

We also sold our products in the local weekly market, which is no longer allowed us unfortunately since September 5, 2013. We carry our weight with our business tax also, providing for growth in the region.

In these thirteen years, we have built friendships and important business and personal relationships with our neighbors. Many friends, relatives, guests, business partners, officers, driving instructors, yes, even the Jugendamt (youth office) leader, vocational teachers, and school psychologists, to name just a few, have seen our children grow up and thrive. We operated a state-approved private school, which saw no unusual result and the six-month learning status checks of school authorities went always to the official’s satisfaction.The results testify that our children in their education were inferior to public schools in nothing.

The fruit  the young adults of the Twelve Tribes  generally consists of hard-working,
dynamic, motivated, and social people. They have founded and built up several commercial enterprises which continue still.

Now dropouts have managed to slander the Twelve Tribes and an RTL reporter, alleged filmed illegal child abuse”. These video recordings were subsequently manipulated (cut) to pack a report” — a sensational feature film. This begs the question, “How can it be that a
few embittered dropouts and a sensation-seeking reporter’s goal override the observations collected over the years by many, mind you MANY, experienced, technical experts?” It is absurd.

It is claimed that the photographs show that the dignity of the children was injured. In our view, having these recordings in the living room of millions of households hurt the dignity of the children and they are now branded around the world as “cult children“.

Experienced psychologists teach that  educational measures are to be in the privacy of the family and never in the public. If the children’s welfare stood in the foreground, these recordings would have been discussed confidentially between the Jugendamt (youth welfare office), the courts, and concerned parents. The nonconfidential treatment of this so-called “evidence” clearly shows, however, that the children’s welfare was not in fact in the first place (as claimed), but perhaps other motives of the reporter were.

With the announced release of these recordings, the authorities were of course put under enormous pressure to take action. In the “Reportcan be clearly seen how the RTL reporter blackmailed the Jugendamt with his  filming them in front of the camera and his calls for action by them. He also makes clear that these “Reportswill be broadcast in any case.

The scenes in which some women discipline their children show in reality no child abuse. The official medical examinations on the day of the raid confirm exactly the reports of the school authorities and the Jugendamtthat it is possible to discipline children without abusing.

We love our children and try to educate them to become righteous people. This also means that we give them set limits and claim the right of parents to exercise authority in our children’s lives to build in them good character. We believe that the Creator Himself has given, in the book of Proverbs, a guide to parenting. Even some experienced educators say that in the education of children, the use of a small rod under certain circumstances and under the responsibility of the parents is neither abuse nor inappropriate nor violent nor degrading.

But when the media make a thin willow rod a “club” they intentionally twist the truth. We can not accept the assertion that all people who, in their childhood in their families or school were punished (if this happened in an appropriate manner), were abused and suffered permanent psychological damage. There are too many venerable, down-to-earth, and mentally healthy people of the older generation for this to be true.


We do no evil, but strive to live a godly life. Of course there will always be critics, but there was never objective cause for concern. Government-controlled performance tests for the students of our supplementary school as well as psychological and physical examinations by various medical officers not only confirmed the integrity of children, but also their good health! All these investigations and performance reviews were obtained and carried out by medical officers, trained specialists and experienced teachers as well as senior representatives of the Jugendamt.

None of the studies has ever confirmed abuse! The accusations that our children sealed off from the environment to grow up unfit for life later on, are also far-fetched. Immediately after the raid the investigations carried out by the medical officers of the children determined there were no abnormalities.

In the plenary session in the parliament of Bavaria on July 20, 2006 the Bavarian Secretary of State said: To send 33 children to a home means a collective withdrawal of parental rights of the parents. Such a case has never before been in Germany.

An SPD deputy said on the same subject: I could not agree to take such a risk in my conscience.

To make possible the police raid with removal of the children without an outcry of the nation  required the assistance of the media so that public opinion could be manipulated by a smear campaign first. This was done with numerous negative newspaper reports followed at the latest with the luridly made ​​RTL feature film.

On September 5, 2013 came the historic moment of a collective withdrawal of the education law in Germany: 40 children were taken away by force, including 7 children of guests of the community.

The Jugendamt had been talking with none of the relevant sets of parents before the Raid. And all this is possible because of uniform accusations – all without concrete evidence with regard to individual children and parents? How is it possible that no one has realized that this is to individual families? Do you lose your fundamental individual rights due to membership in a religious community?

Article 3 of the Basic Law states that no federal citizens because (…) of his faith, or his religious (…) views, may be prejudiced or favored.In cases where there is evidence of actual abuse, the law requires that the state acts first with the weakest restrictive measure and not with the most drastic of all measures, namely taking into care of the children.

It is inexplicable to us, how it can be possible that, for example, a 16-year-old, who later
turned out that she had not been disciplined for a long time anyway, but was separated from her parents against their own will with government violence, just because they belong to a religion.

Some of our children are free again in the meantime, as the court orders were cancelled.

Overall, there have been twelve attempts to escape from children’s homes or foster families, of which six have been successful.

The state is still trying to bring two of them back into government conservatorship with police violence. (See photos of the Third Raid, and our press release, as well as a dramatic video of portions of it.) Twenty-two Children are yet in children’s homes and foster families. They want to go home and press that point again and again in unequivocal terms.

They have written countless petitions to the Jugendamt (youth welfare office), the judges, the Prime Minister, the Chancellor, and to their parents, too, that they want to go home to their parents and still they have not written a single letter of thanks to the Jugendamt or to Mr. Kuhnigk for the forcible seizure.

Fundamental rights are not only attacked here, but they are withdrawn in their essence from these children and their parents. People have been vilified and discriminated against by this smear campaign. Children who were never abused, are now housed separately from their parents in foster care and in homes.

Before, we were always in the good faith belief that the government would comply with its obligation to protect us as parents and defend the human dignity of our children. (Article 1, paragraph 1 of the Basic Law).

This is about much more than what is done to the families — it’s about the loss of the rule of law in Germany. And it‘s about whether you can still obey God in Germany!

With this concern, we want to turn to you as a German citizen, so you can use us, our situation, to make Germany a free nation for us and for you and your children.

With best regards,

The parents concerned

Who are the TWELVE TRIBES?

Actually, we have very different ways of life behind us and come from all walks of life. On the search for meaning of life, or even for the truth of God, we found each other. We live a simple communal life. We work together, eat together, and share everything we have. Our co-existence is not determined by rules and regulations, but we learn to be guided by love.

We want to love our Creator with all our heart, with all our soul and with all our strength and love each other — just as the Son of God loved us.

We live like the first disciples of the early Church (Acts 2:44 and 4:32), who left their careers and their possessions behind to follow the Son of God. Every day we gather to hear the prophetic word and to give thanks with song and dance because He has saved us from our futile and hopeless existence.

We do not see ourselves as a new religious movement — we have not invented any new doctrine — and thus recruited members. We have merely responded to God’s love and started to obey His Word. At the beginning we were a small group of disciples in the United States, but before we knew it, people of other nationalities flocked to us. Soon this life of love spread to other countries and an international network of communities emerged.

Thus, there are now several countries on different continents where this life is.
We see ourselves as part of the restoration of all things, as the prophets said (Isaiah 49:6). God’s people, consisting of Twelve Tribes, is being restored.

We believe that the Creator’s love has the power, a whole nation together and consider ourselves the beginning of this people. We live in the hope that the Messiah will return to earth and that He prepared His people on it.

Community” is for us no organizational title, but expresses our rich life. It means an assembly of those who love each other so much that they are of one heart and soul, voluntarily sharing everything with each other that they have, taking their meals together. It is a place where we sacrifice ourselves for each other, because we have dedicated our lives to Him and to one another. The Savior made this possible for us by His death and misery (2 Corinthians 5:15).

A wonderful life that is open to all still stands. You are cordially invited.

We always look forward to those interested in our community life and are happy for guests. In the middle of our village we have a small farm shop, where we offer our vegetables, our baked goods, and various other of our own products. There you can have a cozy chat over coffee and cake from Sundays to Friday (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).

Friday evening at 6 o’clock, we celebrate each week the beginning of the Sabbath with music, dancing, and a nice dinner. Monday evenings at 7:30 we teach folk dances. But you can also visit us any time us; otherwise write or call. Our doors are open to everyone — for a few hours, for a day, or forever.


And here is a collection of photos of the children still in captivity.