The Hoffest was Cancelled

This month would have held our annual Hoffest (the farm festival we have held since 2008) but because of our present situation we cancelled it. Still we were very busy with going out as we were determined to speak to people about who we are.

But still, we walk by faith

It all started out during one of our Sabbath morning gatherings. Many encouraging things were being shared when all of a sudden Tamim stood up and with a thunderous voice said, “My wife and I are going walking next week. We will go to the neighboring villages and speak to people.”

TamimAndKeziahFaith was spoken. It was very clear what our Abba’s will was. We all wanted to support it wholeheartedly. I will let Tamim and Ketzia tell you about it:

By our Father’s grace we managed to put a little paper together in just a few days. This paper was to inform people of what was happening with the Twelve Tribes in Germany.

The cover of the paper has the picture of our huge welcome banner for our children hanging in the lodge. Pictured on it are 33 flying geese which represent the 33 children that were taken on September 5th. On the back of the paper we have pictures of the children that are still gone.

My husband had a direction he wanted to go in on our walk. After a short downpour we left from Klosterzimmern on foot. The first ride we got was with a young man that builds parts for airplanes. He dropped us off and then we waited for another ride. The dark clouds threatened to burst open any minute so we changed our direction and sought for shelter, just then the wind changed and so did the weather. As we were waiting we thought about visiting C. and his wife that came to the Hoffest last year along with their horse and donkey to let our children take turns riding on them. A couple picked us up and took us right to the house of C.. He was taking care of his animals when we arrived.

After a short visit we continued to a village just two kilometers away where G. and G. live with their children. She faithfully comes to M-Night with her girls. They were positively surprised to see us and were very happy to host us for the night. A while ago they had invited us and finally we managed to actually visit them. We sang our songs and shared our testimonies with them.

The next morning after breakfast we were compelled to go to Wemding, a town where our son lives in a foster family. We got a ride right into the center of town and I was a little bit nervous about whom we might meet throughout our stay there because we don’t know where in town our son lives.

Being five months pregnant I was tired from walking with a backpack and giving away our papers. We decided to just sit down in the marketplace and sing some songs. People looked on as we sang, but no one really approached us except for a man with a guitar along with two women. He played along with us as we sang the song, “Because of love the maker of heaven filled up the sky with stars…” He had just played in a church for a wedding and was surprised to find out who we were.

Leaving town we walked by a huge kindergarten that our son Jeasseyah is going to. We knew he attends the Catholic kindergarten and this one had a statue of a “holy woman” in front of it.

It pierced my heart and we prayed together that our children could come home. (By now our son goes to a different kindergarten where the children of his foster parents go to also.)


Jeasseyah (age 2 on photo), in the garden at Klosterzimmern in happy days.

Walking by a huge hotel where a wedding was being held and watching the people we knew we were living in the end times. We were very thankful to have a true home with real weddings.

A friend gave us a ride… we still had to walk a ways, which was very strenuous. Somehow I had not realized that going walking had so much to do with actual physical walking. It was so wonderful to enter our property again. All in all we were thankful to make this important step in going walking.

This morning we heard that it is not individual parents on trial but it is the word of God. For this reason it is very important that we would go out to present His life so people can come to know the truth – HIS WORD IS GOOD!

Thank you for your interest and support.
Tamim and Ketzia

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