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Always the same ole lies…

A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” — Vladimir Lenin

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

The most brilliant propagandist technique… must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.”Joseph Goebbels

A lie gets half way around the world before the truth gets its boots on.”Mark Twain

That lies are used to deceive the masses and influence government is nothing new. There have been lies and half-truths circulating about our communities of the Twelve Tribes since the mid-1970s. They started in the southern United States, spread to New England, then to Nova Scotia, Canada, and then to Europe, South America and Australia. It is a well-documented fact that there are organized groups whose goal is to destroy small, non-mainstream religious groups.1

In the early days their method of attack was to kidnap devotees, take them to an undisclosed location and deprogram these supposedly “brainwashed” members of groups.2 But deprogramming was abandoned as a preferred method as the theory of brainwashing was proven in court to be untrue and such kidnapping began to be prosecuted as the obvious crime it was.

These anti-sect groups then changed their tactics to allegations of child abuse. This shift of strategy was first carried out in a massive state-sanctioned raid on a Twelve Tribes’ Community in Island Pond, Vermont in 1984. That raid was judged in court to be a “grossly unlawful scheme” in which the prosecutors did not have “a single piece of evidence” against any of the 112 children who were seized. Judge Frank Mahady, wrote a 64 page opinion that clearly exposed the unlawfulness of the state’s action.3

Edward with his son MichaelThese allegations of child abuse that revolved around spanking and education continued in Nova Scotia as the false reports from social services in Vermont were given to authorities and anti-cult groups in Canada.4 The result was the targeting of one father and his four year-old son. After ten years of legal wrangling, the father was found innocent of all charges against him, but the child was seriously damaged from the influence of anti-cult lies about his father and his father’s religious beliefs.5 It has taken the father and the son twenty-five years to heal the damage and the saga continues to this day.

The Canadian and American social services and anti-cult groups continued to spread their lies and accusations about the Twelve Tribes to Europe, even though Twelve Tribes members have continuously been found NOT guilty of wrongdoing in every case brought to court against them. (1984 Island Pond, Vermont, 1994, Hyannis MA, Dawson, Nova Scotia 1997, Wootten, Vermont 2001)

sabine-riede-sekteninfo-nrwAnti-sect workers like Sabine Reide* say the same things about the Twelve Tribes that were said thirty years ago and have been repeated over and over. Those allegations were untrue exaggerations then and they are still untrue today. However, these people are masters at telling a big enough lie long enough to convince the unsuspecting general public. They also specialize in putting pressure on public officials to act on unreliable information. The result is the shameful raid on the Twelve Tribes community in Klostezimmern and Wornitz on September 5, 2013 — at the expense of the children.

Once again in this raid the officials found absolutely no evidence of abuse in any of the forty children seized. But in this case, the judges gave temporary custody to the Jugendamt despite no evidence of abuse. Why is that? Why did the courts not give the children back on September 6, 2013 when they found no abuse? Why does the press not ask this question? (Could it simply be that there is too much money in “bad news” to stop reporting it? Even when it is obviously untrue and done at the expense of the children.) Now the Jugendamt holds the children in investigative detention to extract “evidence” from them against their parents.6

This is unlawful and repugnant to any claim of “protecting the children.” All of the children who are old enough have run away and come back home to their parents. They have gripping stories to tell of how they have been interrogated by criminal police, evaluated by psychologists, intimidated with threats of sanctions, and coerced to say untruths against their parents. Some live in constant fear of doing anything or saying anything against the Jugendamt for fear that all the contact with their parents will be cut off.

Many of the foster parents and Jugendamt educators and social workers have expressed themselves to the parents and older children that they want the children to be given back to their parents. But they, too, are afraid to speak against the Jugendamt who provides income for their families.

This is a very wicked scheme that is being carried out here in Bavaria.7 And the courts, so far, have turned a blind eye to this. They strive to find evidence of abuse through their state paid psychologists in order to condemn the parents and children over the issue of spanking.

But the issue is not spanking. It is the destruction of the Twelve Tribes.

German law (1631, 1666) does not mandate removing children from parents even if there is spanking. Any state remedy is to be proportional to the actual harm, not to some imagined or unfounded horror. There was no evidence of abuse of any of the children, so why do they remain in the hands of the Jugendamt? Because the authorities are more concerned with condemning and inquiring into the beliefs of the Twelve Tribes — which is unlawful from the start and unconstitutional.8

When a similar seizure occurred thirty years ago in Vermont, USA, the presiding judge called it “the worst state-sanctioned violation of children since Herod the great.” (Referring to when he killed the Holy Innocents — see Matthew 2:16-17).

Germany’s kidnapping of these children and depriving them of their parents without cause, however, is far worse because a year has passed and the Jugendamt has produced no endangering evidence for any of these children. Instead, they are using their time and your money to do everything possible to change their faith and to incriminate their parents.

Such things were done in the shameful, but not so distant past of Germany.

Mark Twain was right when he said that a lie gets half way around the world before the truth gets its boots on. The lies are becoming the truth here in Germany as the propaganda continues. But the truth is getting its boots on. These children who are running away from foster care have a story to tell and they are starting to speak. Keep your eyes, your ears and your heart open. The greatest deterrent against oppressive and unjust officials is an informed public and a fair and neutral press.

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* Sabine Reide notes that the work is funded in large part by the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.” It is indeed a state-funded anti-cult organization, one of the consequences of having state-funded religions.