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In the most recent August 4, 2014 RTL show, trying to disparage the Twelve Tribes, there were numerous misrepresentations and misleading statements presented by Wolfram Kuhnigk. Common sense reveals that the “witnesses” he relied on for his story were not credible, informed, or knowledgable about what they are saying. His supposed “experts” are not qualified to speak with authority, either about child abuse or about the teachings of the Twelve Tribes.

Just one example of how RTL “gets it all wrong.”

The story he tells is as follows. Kuhnigk presents an “evolutionary psychologist”1 (does anyone know or trust what that is?) to analyze a video of a then fourteen-year-old girl who escaped the Jugendamt institution where she was held against her will for months. The girl is supposedly being interviewed at home after escaping.

The psychologist notices how she is obviously under stress and concludes that she is “programmed” and coached into what she is saying. And so, obviously following Kuhnigk’s prejudiced agenda, he concludes that she is not capable of speaking for herself and that someone put her up to her testimony. How could a viewer conclude anything but “BAD” Twelve Tribes?

The actual truth of the story

This film of fourteen-year-old Besorah was taken in a bathroom of an institution when she was still in Jugendamt custody. This video was posted on the German blog on November 18, 2013 and clearly stated this fact. But facts have never been important to Herr Kuhnigk.

The girl was quite upset and distraught having just been interrogated for three hours by the criminal police. The officer tried to pressure and intimidate her into speaking against her parents and against the Twelve Tribes Community in Klosterzimmern. The girl had the courage to not back down and cower despite their heavy-handed tactics.

Her mother was visiting her and seized an opportunity to go into the bathroom with Besorah, lock the door and quickly film this 5 minute clip from her cell phone. Her daughter is telling her what just happened her harrowing experience with this criminal police interrogator!

She only had a few minutes to tell her mother what happened. This is just one example of the abuse this girl has suffered at the hands of the Jugendamt with absolutely NO protection from the court.

In effect, each of the children seized was viewed as a piece of potential evidence. In our society, people are not pieces of evidence. Such a ‘contention clashes with a fundamental right written into our Constitution ’; ‘No person may be held “in order that he may be at the disposal of the authorities while a case is discovered against him.’ Neither may his child.

—Hon. Frank Mahady, denying detention orders for children seized without individual evidence of abuse in a similar raid in Island Pond, Vermont (1984) (also a Twelve Tribes Community falsely accused) The same democratic rule of law should apply to the children of Klosterzimmern.

Is Wolfram Kuhnigk’s sensational, untruthful and inflammatory “journalism” the direct cause of this girl’s cruel separation from her parents?

He portrays himself as one who is a “child protection hero,” when in reality this girl experienced no abuse, and there is NO evidence that she did, UNTIL she was seized from home by dozens of police and ordered to foster care by a court who took no account of what was actually happening. That is the job of a judge BEFORE taking so drastic a measureand it still has not come to an end.

In no way was Besorah “coached” or “programmed” by anyone. At the time of the video she was passionate and upset at what she had just been through without notice. Now what if the psychologist had been told the true facts by Kuhnigk? Maybe he would have had a chance to “get it right” about the source of the girl’s distressbut Mr. Kuhnigk never gave him the chance.


This is Besorah in the foster-care institution. You can read the whole translation at this post on the English blog, “I absolutely want to go back home!


This is Besorah at home talking about what she encountered in school. What she said in English is at the following post, “Why our children refuse school.” We quote it here:

Besorah: My name is Besorah Schott and I am 15 years old. I was born and raised in the Twelve Tribes Community of believers.

Then when I went to school in Deiningen it was extremely hard for me to find friends because everyone excluded me. I always tried to be friendly to them and make friends, but it somehow didn’t seem to help anything.

It was totally wild in the classroom, brawling and chairs being thrown through the class room, and….,…it was like hell on earth for me to go to that school. I also got completely discriminated and just not treated normally. For this reason I don’t want to go there any more. I endured it for four months now, but now I have enough.

Besides that I could not learn at all, I couldn’t concentrate when the children turn on their music and cell phone and are totally distracted. The teacher needs to scream across the room all the time because the children are not under control one bit but are totally wild.

And then there are the sixteen/seventeen year old boys that only do nonsense (bosh) all the time and enact kindergarten and I want to learn and can’t concentrate… Also in my interim reference you could see very clearly that I was a good student and that I had a good education in the eight years I went to school in Klosterzimmern.

I can only praise our private school, and would wish to go there again. My experience here in our private school was only good and I didn’t have to suffer under exclusion, discrimination, mocking, blaspheming…. I always wished and had the hope that our private school could be re-opened, but until now nothing has happened yet.

Following her is another report of a youth released from captivity about the tremendous peer pressure she experienced in German public schools. Sarah Remmache speaks in English.

The question that the public needs to turn their attention to is “Why is Mr. Kuhnigk so intent on destroying the Twelve Tribes Community, even at the total expense of the children he tells you that he is trying to protect?

Our children were smart, confident, outspoken, articulate and spontaneous when they were unconscionably taken from their parents almost a year ago, despite an exam that revealed NO evidence of abuse. So, you need to ask yourself “why are these normal, healthy children who are full of life being considered abused?”

Judge for yourself the difference in the two video clips of Besorah: the first one as just described; the second one after she came home to the loving care of her parents. Listen as she opens up her heart to them about how awful and inescapable her experience was being forced into public school against her will by the Family Court and the Jugendamt. Her two younger sisters are not old enough to run away

1 The psychologist Mr. Kuhnigk used specializes in stress management. According to his website, he has no experience in evaluating the psychological well-being of children. We wonder how many qualified psychologists Mr. Kuhnigk contacted who had enough integrity to say they couldn’t really evaluate the videos unless they saw the children and talked with them in person? In the same way, before the first raid last September, he contacted many sect experts in Germany before finding a state-funded one who would go along with his scheme, Sabine Riede (pictured). Sabine Riede
She notes that the work is funded in large part by the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.” It is indeed a state-funded anti-cult organization, one of the consequences of having state-funded religions.

It goes without saying that whoever funds controls. Whoever pulls the purse strings “pulls the strings”. The state churches of Germany, especially the Protestant one, have ever and always done the bidding of the state, whomever its leader was.
Events such as the seizure of our well-beloved, well educated, healthy, cognitive, and really, delightful children prove that the shadow of the past still lies heavily upon the land. Indeed, as a Gestapo official told the leaders of the Bruderhof long ago, “The children are not to be brought up this way.” Regardless of the good fruit then, the state’s way was the only way. . . regardless of the good fruit now, the state’s way is the only way. This is the shadow of the past, the denial of human freedom, the fundamental and evil assertion that the children belong to the state.

A little German geography; the state of North-Rhineland Westphalia is in dark green. The state of Bavarian, where the Communities of the Twelve Tribes are, is the large state to the southeast (lower right on the map).
Thus far did the RTL have to go to find a state-funded cult expert to speak against the Twelve Tribes.