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How to help 

Yes, you can very well do something for the children!

Constant dripping wears away the stone!”

Many compassionate friends, relatives and acquaintances have turned to various authorities and agencies to help us in the face of our current tragedy with our children. Anyone can help and any help is needed, and it is not insignificant.

If you enjoy writing, you can write letters to one or all of the following authorities. One can sometimes already clear express his opinion with 3 sentencesDo not think, “I can not change anything anyway“! Please do not be silent; talk to your neighbors or friends about  it! 

So if you want to write an opinion in favor of our children, below can be found after the addresses of the newspapers (only examples) and the decision makers at various levels. You can write something about individual families you know personally and/or for the community at large. We would be happy about it, get a copy of your letter and if you agree (please clearly tell), we would publish your letter with your initials on our website, as often letters to the editor have simply not been published when they in our favor.

We would like to thank all of you who support us, again!

From the families of the Twelve Tribes.

Below these addresses are the proper numbers to write on any letters concerning individual families.*

Addresses you can write

Richterin Roser
Amtsgericht Nördlingen
Tändelmarkt 5, 86720 Nördlingen
Tel.: 09081-2109-0 Fax: 09081/2109-520
E-Mail: poststelle@ag-noe.bayern.de

This is Judge Frau Roser, who has received many letters from our youth, from our children, and from their loving parents.

Richter Krüger
Amtsgericht Ansbach
Postfach 609, 91511 Ansbach
Tel.: 0981/58-456 oder -473 Fax: 0981/58-405
E-Mail: poststelle@ag-an.bayern.de

Judge Krüger is over the cases of the families in Wörnitz.

Landrat Stefan Rößle
Landratsamt Donau-Ries
Pflegstraße 2, 86609 Donauwörth
Tel.: 0906/74-0
E-Mail: Landrat@lra-donau-ries.de

County Chief Stefan Rößle has had a long involvement with the Twelve Tribes.

Alfred Kanth
Leiter Jugendamt Donau-Ries
Pflegstr. 2
86609 Donauwörth
Tel.: 0906/74-2 34
E-Mail: alfred.kanth@lra-donau-ries.de

Herr Kanth is the local head of the Jugendamt, a man who known us and our children for a generation. He too has been the recipient of many letters.

Dr. Peter Hell und Willi Leopold
Regierung von Schwaben
Fronhof 10
86152 Augsburg
Tel. 0821/327-2534 bzw. -2439
Fax: 0821/327-2289
E-Mail: poststelle@reg-schw.bayern.de

Dr. Hell is the Director of the Education Department of Swabia, and Herr Leopold is a member of the School Board.


Left to right: Herr Leopold, Landrat (county chief) Stefan Rößle, School Councilor Renate Heinrich, and Dr. Peter Hell. (My heimat photograph)

Landtagsabgeordneter Wolfgang Fackler
Pflegstaße 10
86609 Donauwörth
Tel.: 0906/9998 0552 oder 089/4126-0

The honorary Wolfgang Fackler is a Member of Parliament.

Augsburger Allgemeine
Curt-Frenzel-Str. 2
86 167 Augsburg
Tel.: (08 21) 777 – 31 09
Fax: (08 21) 777 – 20 38
E-Mail: online-redaktion@augsburger-allgemeine.de

Süddeutsche Zeitung
Süddeutscher Verlag
Hultschiner Str. 8
81677 München
Tel.: 089/ 2183-0
Fax (Online): 089/ 2183 9715
Fax (Zeitung): 089/ 2183 9777

*Using these numbers is important, because as we reported on April 17…”Recently, we learned to our dismay that all these letters to the offices and courts were not taken into consideration for the simple reason that no document number was written upon them.”

The respective file numbers of the families


Amtsgericht Nördlingen Preliminary Hearings
Main Hearings
Hennigfeld 001 F 432/13 001 F 551/13
Krumbacher 002 F 435/13 002 F 586/13
Markeli 002 F 439/13 002 F 611/13
Müller 002 F 446/13 002 F 602/13
Periskic 002 F 430/13 002 F 576/13
Pfeiffer 002 F 441/13 002 F 612/13
Remmache 002 F 445/13 002 F 606/13
Schott 002 F 436/13 002 F 604/13
Schüle 002 F 440/13 002 F 607/13
Stark 002 F 437/13 002 F 609/13
Wetjen 002 F 433/13 002 F 608/13
Amtsgericht Ansbach Preliminary Hearings Main  Hearings
Pingen 1 F 976/13 1 F 1015/13
Serrano 1 F 971/13 1 F 1011/13
Tlapak N. 1 F 973/13 1 F 1013/13

Note that the families in Klosterzimmern were divided between two judges, splitting the alphabetical listing of their last names in half. . . and not simply equally dividing the whole group into two equal or nearly-equal sizes. So one judge had one family and the other judge had ten families. It’s baffling why this was done, but the effect of it was to keep some parents from their children for a long time, because the parents could not see their children, typically, until after the case had come up in court.