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The Jugendamt (youth welfare office) tries to deprogram the Twelve Tribes Children against the mandate of the Bavarian Constitutional Article 137

Participation in religious instruction and church ceremonies and celebrations is left to the wish of the guardians until the age of 18, and then to the wish of the students.

On September 5, 2013, the children of the Twelve Tribes community in Klosterzimmern and Wörnitz were taken provisionally by the Jugendamt into custody. The right to decide about the faith and the religious life of children, according to the German Basic Law Article 6 and the Bavarian Constitution, remains with the parents. Although they stated to the court the opposite, the staff of the Jugendamt on July 19, 2014, had a meeting with so-called “cult experts” of Munich and the foster parents despite objections of the parents. No judge could stop it.

The Jugendamt never revealed that it had so-called experts invited to criticize the parents and should pass on false information to the foster parents and the children (who were also present) about their faith. This violates both the Bavarian and the German constitutions. Through this would it not cause the small children to  be completely confused and mentally overloaded? The foster parents had to listen for three hours about the faith of the Twelve Tribes from people who know nothing about what the Twelve Tribes actually believe or live.


Chancellor Angela Merkel with the Kirchentag President, Gerhard Robbers* in May, 2013. (Photo credit: Kirchentag Jardine)

The rights of a religious organization does not hang on what the government thinks about their faith. Indeed, the state is forbidden to judge the spiritual truth of the creed. All religions have the same rights, regardless of whether the organization is little or big or traditional or new founded.  — Gerhard Robbers, Religious Freedom in Germany” BrYLR 643, 656 (2001).

The judge in Nördlingen never asked the Jugendamt (youth welfare office), who this staff was, they never made ​​a decision about the fact that the Jugendamt has no right to interfere in the beliefs of their parents or the right to determine the religion of the children.

There is no evidence to the effect that the judge kept the constitutionally protected rights of the parents and the children against interference by the authorities, even though the parents had sought to prevent this information disclosure. One must understand that a judge is required in the course of an interim custody deprivation to protect the parent-child relationship and promote reconciliation. Any attempt by the Jugendamt to incite these children against their parents or their faith violated their constitutional fundamental right which the court is required by law to maintain.

With these children, it is not about
Child abuse, but the
Faith of their parents, members
of the Twelve Tribes.

The religious freedom of all people in Germany is guaranteed by the Basic Law, Article 4. This means that one may not pursue or punish anyone for his faith, and above all they are not take to away their children because of their religious affiliation. But that was the repeated reason why the court maintains the loss of custody. Yet the law says that children can only be separated from their parents if evidence of abuse of the said child is found and if no milder means of remedy are available.

No signs of abuse

Due to the propaganda of an unscrupulous journalist, sullen and subjective dropouts and misinformed cult experts the Jugendamt figured to encounter difficult, abused children on the date of taking into care. Instead, there were at the medical examination on the day of the Raid no signs of ill-treatment at the 40 children who had been arrested. Found among them was a fifteen-year-old who was a guest and along with them, they had to endure the same degrading examination. Why were the children not immediately brought home by the Jugendamt, as the agencies had promised them in the morning?

For the children, this was only the first of many lies — the promises that were constantly given that were not complied with by the Jugendamt.

Can I call my parents?

Can I see them?”

Why can not they come?”

“When can I go home?

The justifications of the Jugendamt to keep the children is simply the result of the affiliation of the parents to a particular religious community.

Until now there was no child that was saved from harm by a raid

Worldwide such collective action are condemned and often prefer no small fine for the authorities by itself, the unlawful act against religious minorities based on false information. In fact, a scientific study on that there is not even a child who was really preserved by a government crackdown against damage, and these raids cost the taxpayer even more money.

A woman joined our community who had lost five years earlier, for other reasons, the custody of her child. This girl could really be returned back to her mother, but “not as long as she lives with the Twelve Tribes“. That’s not right: it is against the law and is religious persecution. The head of the Jugendamt and the courts do not understand this fundamental, basic right in any way.

It is quite obvious that our children who have been stolen from us as parents, are re-educated or deprogrammed (definition of “deprogramming”: A person is brought against their will by psychological means to give up their adherence to a religion or religious community). The foster parents are now misinformed by unqualified cult experts”. Does the general public even know what‘s going on here? Why are the authorities continue to hold our children in their prisons?

All children who were old enough to run away, have fled to her parents. The rest keep telling all who will hear:

All I want is to go back home to my parents. I love my parents and my life in Klosterzimmern. Please, let me go home!” This is what our children keep saying.

The foster parents and the staff of the Jugendamt lead them captive as criminals, and the judges overlooks it all. With our children’s lives, they look like bored schoolchildren just yawning out the window.

Our children were once full of life and hope.

Now they live disappointed and depressed in state custody, where they do not belong and do not fit. Who will stand up for these children and imploring this systematic abuse to an end by the state?

The state compulsory education and life in the facilities have significantly impacted our young people, because they were there exposed to immorality and constant mockery. They have many stories to tell of their trauma. It is heartbreaking, and the absolute irony is that they were forced to do all this because it was “in their best interest”! You will hear the stories even from their own mouth. Meanwhile, you can be sure. You will hear them loud and clear. Their human voice is not silenced.

For the welfare of the child completely nonsensical

These children are mentally abused. They experienced since last September, the trauma of a Raid and some even two or three Raids. Why does the educators (at a facility in which infants and small children with their mothers were cared for), want our children to undergo psychological counseling after the Jugendamt with the support of the police in the early morning raided the mothers and forcibly tore peaceful breastfeeding and young children away from them with loud cries? Also, some residents were startled by the cries and neighbors have noticed the action — they had never experienced something like this! Can any man understand such measures of Jugendamt? Is not that heartless and barbaric?

Why was the court not held accountable in the face of blatant abuse and mental anguish of the children whom they are supposed to protect? Germany will have to account for the unnecessary abuse who put our children.

After almost a year has passed

Now the courts have the audacity to demand psychological expert opinion so that they can argue for a permanent loss of custody. They want the parents agree to these opinions. It threatens also to enforce the opinion if the parents do not participate. The children want to go home. That is very clear. You do not need a psychological assessment to decide. Prove your school records from the initial period after the taking into care that the children were psychologically completely healthy. Meanwhile use the psychologist’s services after all this time. . . why?

How can a psychologist now examine the mental condition of these children before the raid on September 5, 2013? How can he now after almost a year of separation to determine which psychological damage resulted from the parents and which resulted from that year of foster care?

Or will you have this opinion only, so that the Jugendamt finally has the evidence of injury, which they so desperately need? Indeed, after all this time, they still desperately need that. . .


*Professor Robbers on religious freedom:

Freedom of religion applies to everyone. It is a prerequisite for a peaceful and free society…

Perhaps that is why Germany is losing its freedom of religion.