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The Jugendamt claims that the meeting for Twelve Tribes’ foster parents tomorrow is only for “the foster parents to exchange information about their experiences.”

The Jugendamt says that there will “only” be representatives of the local Jugendamt and the State Jugendamt at this meeting. Who are these representatives? If one googles “sect information and counseling in Bavaria” (Sekte Information und Beratung in Bayern) he is linked immediately to the state Jugendamt’s webpage of the Protestant and Catholic supported sect experts. Klaudia Hartmann’s name is prominently listed there. So will the sect expert of the diocese Augsburg be present at this meeting? She has already given her expertise to the school authorities and the court in this case before.

gegen_ihrem_willen_festgehaltenWe must understand that so-called sect experts are backed and funded by their respective churches. To impose their mindset on the children of people who believe differently is contrary to freedom of religion and the German Constitution. To pass this same mindset onto the foster parents amounts to the same intrusion because they are the temporary custodians of the children. It prejudices their thinking about the Twelve Tribes in a way that is not at all objective, but rather inflammatory and prejudicial.

The Jugendamt does not own the children of the Twelve Tribes and, by the hand of God, they never will. There has been no final hearing as to custody of our children. The Jugendamt has no entitlement to try and change “the minds and hearts” of our children, especially not against their real parents. Today, this very day, Nelson Mandela is being honored as his birth date July 18, 1918. Google publishes a profound statement by him:

No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin or his background or his religion. People must learn to hate and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love.”

We have heard that the purpose of the meeting is not what the Jugendamt claims (to merely exchange information) but rather so the sect experts can “educate the foster parents about what they are up against in dealing with these special children of Klosterzimmern.”

The foster parents are being taught to hate. Will the children be taught to hate their parents, too? So why are the children themselves coming? If the purpose of the Jugendamt is to reconcile families then why are the real parents of the children not included in this supposed dialogue? Do they think they know “everything they need to know” about the parents of the Twelve Tribes? Is there any chance that it might benefit the children if the foster parents had a dialogue with the real parents instead of with misinformed sect experts as it is usually handled in child protection cases?

Let it be known by all that the actual real parents of the children of the Twelve Tribes held in captivity stand on their predetermined Constitutional rights to object to this religious indoctrination and interference with their upbringing of their children. It is obvious to everyone that the children are healthy, not abused and want to return home. It seems the purpose of the Jugendamt is to stall for time so that they can attempt to “reprogram” the children away from the faith of their parents. This is religious persecution