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July 17, 2014 Press Release from Community in Klosterzimmern

Since our children were taken into Jugendamt temporary custody, in September 2013, they have been held by the Jugendamt for 10 months in spite of the fact that the state appointed doctors found that there was no physical nor psychological abuse in any of the children. According to the clear standards in the German family law, the Jugendamt is supposed to do everything they can to reconcile the children to their parents. Instead they are taking clear and consistent action to destroy the bond* between the seized children and their parents, in one way after another, putting the parents under ungodly oppression to submit to the “way of the Jugendamt”.

Part of the clear legal standard for the Jugendamt is that they would not try to influence the children in any way in terms of religious beliefs. It is not their place or their mission. To do so would be a blatant violation of the German law. There has been no final decision yet or main hearing. The German Constitution makes clear the unfettered freedom to believe and a predetermined right to raise one’s children according to those beliefs without the approval of the Jugendamt or “sect experts” who are not qualified to make those judgments.

An informant has given us information that is shocking, almost unbelievable. It appears that the Jugendamt has planned for some time to gather the foster families of the children from the parents of the Community in Klosterzimmern along with all the children, to an undisclosed location.

There, it seems, they will have sect experts come to speak with the foster parents to indoctrinate them and persuade them against the religious beliefs of the parents. Did they notify the court of their intentions? What about the parents? Did they seek permission?

Is this a scheme to reconcile the children to their parents or to separate them? These supposed “sect experts” are no such thing, but are self-proclaimed and anti-religion — unless you agree with them. Social scientists who study religious groups make it clear that they are biased, untrustworthy and not scholarly. (Gerald Willms, Hubert Seiwert, Gerhard Besier, James Lewis, Susan Palmer, Anson Shupe) Isn’t it noteworthy that prior to the interference of the supposed “sect experts” and a questionable media story, that the Klosterzimmern parents and governmental officials had good working relationships?

According to our information the Jugendamt has planned this meeting for this Saturday, July 19, 2014, at an undisclosed destination. Who is the Jugendamt accountable to for their actions to deliberately destroy the faith and beliefs of the parents and children of the Community in Klosterzimmern? Does the public even know what they are doing? And spending many tax dollars to do it?

If they are allowed to proceed with this violation of human rights, it will bring irreparable harm to the children. The parents of the children are only allowed supervised visits once every three weeks. They are not allowed to speak to their children about their religion or the life their children love and want to return to at Klosterzimmern.

When pre-teen girls run away to return to their parents why does the Jugendamt interfere with raids to grab them again? Why? Because their mission is to destroy the Twelve Tribes Community at Klosterzimmern. This is religious persecution.

The more you look into it, the more clear it becomes. There is no evidence of any abuse, physical or psychological, of the children, so why else would the Jugendamt want to keep them? To take them away from their parents’ faith, is that why?


*For more examples of the Jugendamt’s determination to destroy the natural bonds of family, search for the words “contact ban” on this blog.