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On the Banner, our children in captivity

Count the days to Shavuot…

Now the fullness of time has come; nothing separates us;

New grain we offer up, fruit of the leaven of love.

See us all together; His blessing poured on us;

one by one we will come, offering our thanks to the One we love.

We all were thankful on the day of Shavuot (June 8, 2014) and many proclaimed our Father’s goodness to us in the midst of our suffering. It brought us closer together and we became more real with one another. We were brought into reality the past year and quit living in fantasy.

Our parade was so beautiful and festive. We paraded our two new quality disciples, Nathaniel and Baruch. The increase in our herds, our newlyweds, our new pumpkin-seed harvester, the mirth that has increased due to the many tambourines that grace our gatherings, and much more.

At our gathering that evening we were very festive. Much thanksgiving was expressed. Now we press forward to what lies ahead, hoping that we can present our children next Shavuot who were only present in their pictures this year.

See Shavuot 2013 for slides of us and our children together. How happy we all were then! Now we press on for their sakes. Love allows us to do no less.