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Religious persecution: the guilt of the Nation

This post is in reference to the father’s statement over the megaphone to the police and social workers conducting the Third Raid on July 1, 2014.

Why have the judges still not started yet with the court cases after 10 months?!!!

After ten months…how slowly the wheels of justice turn in Germany! They roll over families and they grind the children down. They seek to take away the faith even of the children. They want the adults to deny their Master, the Savior. They openly persecute for cause of conscience…very plainly religious persecution, to destroy a group of people (genocide)…violate inviolable rights…and no one seems to care. So the guilt spreads to the whole nation, complicit in evil as before.

The judge in Wörnitz did not have such difficulties. The prosecutor there pressed no charges. Could the difference be the scandalous invasion of privacy done for profit (which invasion is the evidence) the judges in Klosterzimmern have to work with? Do they really wish such a precedent to stand against the German people? Does “1984” come so quickly then?


After one day the Jugendamt doctors announced (on 6 September 2013) that the children of Klosterzimmern and Wornitz were healthy, well-adjusted, respectful, and in no way abused. Why did the judges not call a halt to the whole thing then? Could it simply be that “child abuse” was never the issue?

Is not belonging to the Twelve Tribes the crime being persecuted? As objective scholars have said, there has been a strong anti-cult bias at the heart of the conflict.

Ten months later over half the children seized are still in state custody. Their parents’ crime: membership in the religious group the Twelve Tribes.