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Worst human rights violations! It is unbelievable:

This “German Republic” brags to be a liberal constitutional state, in which the basic rights of all people are respected  and is now found wanting to destroy a pacifist Christian denomination by taking all children away from them with a large contingent of child catchers and police and permanently places them in institutions and imprisons them with foreign commercial parents — and even the nursing mothers in the “protected” mother-child home the kids were torn away from the breast, as happened on 9 December 2013.

There, they are then re-educated in terms of this materialistic industrial culture, though those in charge know that the kids want to stay strictly with their parents and in the community, because they know they are loved there and feel at home. The older children who were able to escape have proven it — e.g. these two matured girls that were to be captured back by this police state raid with over 100 police and children catchers initiated by the social services — fortunately in vain.

The fact is: Moderate corporal punishment of a child by loving parents is not child abuse, and is also in accordance with Penal Code no offense, not to be equated with bodily injury, hence no justification to take away the children  and moreover against their will. Such moderate corporal punishment is a child-friendly education measure, since recorded history by all peoples practiced it if a child does not want to obey. It is practiced today legally in almost all countries.

Children 3-12 years can not be punished with imprisonment or confinement or a fine. And often a child simply does not listen to instructive and admonitory words and does things that are harmful to others or himself. He must be protected from this. “He who does not want to hear must feel” (as the famous White Rose wrote 71 years ago in their fourth pamphlet to the German people). This is effective.

This does not violate the dignity of the child. The noble sentence in Article 1 of the Basic Law “The dignity of man is inviolable ….” does not talk about parental rights, but about the horrible war crimes of the previous war. It belongs to the nature of the punishment that it hurts. Otherwise, it is not an effective punishment. This the rulers know also, which is why they want to punish young people in the future with loss of drivers license.

The fact is: With the children of the Twelve Tribes at no times were found marks of abuse, even though the state authorities have always sought after. Even after removing all the children on September 5, 2013, it found none. A few strokes on the buttocks hurt a short time, then the child is glad and happy again. However, these stolen children are now permanently unhappy, neglected and deprived of their parents and a happy childhood! Particularly gravely and enduringly damaged in their development are the ones under three years old through the trauma of tearing away from the care of mother and father in their development.

Paid caretakers have now not so much interest and time let alone love as the biological parents for their beloved children. Then the children “learn” in the homes to smoke (a harmful and very expensive addiction that can be very difficult again to get away from) and worse, the “cool” and boorish behavior with which they won’t arrive in professional life later (which is why the “DIH” congress had to find out at his last poll that 75% of the companies surveyed thought the graduates of the state school to be not mature for further education/training). For sure they will not learn disciplined behavior there  without which, however, no productive work is possible.

When they later earn money,by the government takes away all their income again except what is necessary for subsistence, in order to recover the expensive nursing home costs and other purchased services costs (according to § 91 SGB VIII). Also from the parents they demand  reimbursement of foster home costs up to the poverty line. In this way they botch the young people’s entire future and ruin these families as well.

So the matter is in truth not about safeguard the interests of the child and not respecting its dignity  that’s just an excuse, but about child robbery, family destruction, persecution of Christians and job creation for the life of foreign child care.

Actually, hundreds of thousands of parents ought to be seen now speaking out, because all of them want the authorities to concede their right to use corporal punishment to raise good children.

This scandal makes definitively clear that we have here in today’s Germany, yes, especially in the supposedly liberal and Christian Bavaria, in the educational field a communist dictatorship — in the sense of the 1968 neo-Marxistsof all children and total disregard of all respective fundamental rights concerned: it has disregarded the law and disregarded the will of the parents, the will of the children and their dignity  (they were not asked! Also their religion and freedom of conscience is being disregarded).

It is also the fundamental right of freedom of religion which is taken from them:during this raid, at 6 clock a.m., the Twelve Tribes practiced worship, like every morning. Now the children placed under rule foreign, being nationalized can no longer practice their religion. The families are not protected, such as the Basic Law requires it, but destroyed. Yes, there is a whole community of faith being ruined and also economically brought low. Even before emigrating with their ​​children Judge R. from the district court Nördlingen did not want to allow this.

Dictatorship pure! The rulers of this country should ensure that in her country where human rights are respected before they send a compliance reminder to Russia and China. Those responsible at the District Office and in the judicial system should be, if there is to be justice in this country, be tried and sentenced by the International Criminal Court in The Hague for kidnapping and genocide under international penal code § 6 paragraph 1 item 5.

The church homes should refuse to participate in this injustice.

Martin F. Kurkowski (kurkowski@web.de)