July 1, 2014 Press Release

From the members of the Twelve Tribes Community in Klosterzimmern to the representatives of the press:

We have much to say if someone wants to hear the truth about what happens to our children who are wrongfully detained from social services for over nine months.

When our children were picked up on 5 September 2013, they were all investigated and no evidence of abuse was found. Nevertheless, the Jugendamt (youth welfare office) has not let them go back home. Often times when foster parents or lawyers see the children and hold the opinion that they are healthy and have not been abused and they express the view that they should go home to their parents again, these lawyers are not heard. According to the children, lawyers and foster parents who are benevolent towards them have been replaced by those who are sympathetic to the Jugendamt (youth department). Obviously, justice is not at work here.

One of our boys has stated before the judge: “My lawyer is my enemy because he does not represent me.”

This was ignored. The children are denied lawyers of their choice.

One foster father, who is at the same time a juvenile court judge, said that the children who were entrusted to him should return to their parents, but the Jugendamt subsequently gave him anti-cult information about the beliefs of the parents to read. Then he turned suddenly against the parents and began to deprogram the two boys in his care.

The whole process is following a well thought out strategy with a single objective, and that is to destroy the Twelve Tribes communities in Klosterzimmern and Wörnitz. To this end, our school was shut down first, then our children were taken away, and afterwards no longer returned for the reason that the school was closed. Such circular logic is the epitome of injustice.

Now the authorities are trying to deliberately dissuade the children from the faith of their parents and even from their own beliefs. The children’s will is not being taken into account when they express that they want to go home. At home they will not be abused, but they will in the hands of the Jugendamt.

Today’s court decision states that the Court of Appeal “doubts, whether Nechonah is able to form a self-determined will.” This is absurd! How many times does she have to run away (run home, that is) to prove it?

Of course, children have a will; anyone who has children and has common sense knows! The doubts of the Court is founded solely on fear and lies and therefore Nechonah cannot trust the court. For months, she has been under government control and knows what that means and how they have separated her little brother from her so that she can not influence him. Now they deprogram her 9-year-old brother to give his testimony against his parents, just because social services has something against the religion of their parents.

Again and again the authorities show not trustworthy and our children notice that! They are not naïve concerning this. Nechonah had even invited the judge to speak with her in Klosterzimmern because she was afraid to be re-delivered to the Jugendamt like last time, when she appeared in court to manifest her will. Unfortunately, that detail was not protocoled by the court.

Whenever one of our children has expressed their wish and will, they were not heard, but forced. They were not respected and delivered in a ruthless way to the youth department. If the judge feared abuse, why has she not ordered a search warrant for Nechonah instantly after she had fled to her parents from the foster home and from the supervision of the youth office — and has left them for three months with their parents? It is clear that the motive behind today’s raid is not concern about abuses.

Abuse in foster care

What the Jugendamt does with our children is abuse and against the child’s welfare. It keeps them from having a “non-violent upbringing.”

(Read an excerpt of Nechonah’s diary: “I am constantly bullied in the children’s home.”)

The Jugendamt is guilty of child abuse and is responsible for the deep psychological damage of the children. The children see that and so they want to go home! There it is a lot safer and friendlier for them and they are better off. The children who have returned home, describe their time under the authority of the Jugendamt as a nightmare: lots of violence, you get frightened, you will be yelled at and treated without dignity.

One child told us that the foster parents have threatened him: “If you don’t like how it is now, we can make it worse it.”

One boy – upon a visit by his parents after 5 weeks of government control still had the same clothes, which he had worn in the raid, although it was now autumn. He told his father that he only has these clothes… and that after 5 weeks!

How can anyone speak of care? The children in government control are very neglected and it still contributes to their trauma.

The information referred to by the Government, the Jugendamt and the courts are false, misleading, inflammatory, one-sided and erroneous. The film, which was shown was manipulated so that he incites the population.

Our children are not fair game (NO HUNTING LICENSE REQUIRED) , which can be abused in the hands of the Jugendamt. They are safe at home and happy — which can be testified by a lot of people who know our children.

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